The 17 Stages of Booking a Short Break

Holidays can be both exciting and stressful, true? True. We realise you could experience a range of emotions before, during and after your short break, so we decided to document this. Is this you?

When was the last time you took a short break somewhere?

Is it time for a break?


So you’re planning a mini vacation somewhere, thinking of all the exciting places you’re going to visit…

You finally book your tickets and accommodation! It’s time to count down the days!

Oh gosh, only a few days to go…it’s nearly time!!!

Wait, you should probably start packing…why can’t suitcases pack themselves?

THE DAY IS HERE!!! You’re FINALLY going on your well deserved short break!

“Oh no, I hope I haven’t forgotten to pack something…”


“Wow, this hotel is niiiiice…”

“Ahh, I’m feeling so relaxed!”

“I could get used to this..”

“Wait what…it’s the last day?! Already?!”

“Can somebody PLEASE explain where the time went?”

Ugh, can you believe you’re on the way home already?

…but look at the bright side, you have your next short break to look forward to!

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