Is there anything better than that sweet, sweet caffeine hit in the morning? For many (us included) coffee is a necessity and if you’re on the run, sometimes it’s hard to find a place that does it just right. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of great coffee hotspots for you to check out to ensure you get that perfect cup of joe!


Olaf’s Artisan Bakery Cafe (Auckland)

What’s better than top notch coffee? How about a great pastry to accompany it! Over at Olaf’s you’ll find aromatic coffee alongside freshly baked bread and pastries – a winning combination!

Caffe Astoria (Wellington)

The décor of Caffe Astoria is so warm and cosy that you’ll probably want to stay past that first cup. With coffee rich in flavour to complement the atmosphere, this place has become a popular hub for caffeine lovers in the nation’s capital.

Hummingbird Coffee Café (Christchurch)

After a classic coffee house? Hummingbird dates back to 1990 and take pride in importing their beans from all around the world to create delectable blends.

Cherry and Whites (Auckland)

A brand new coffee bar on the scene, Cherry and Whites have worked on creating unique and inspiring cold coffee and ice blended drinks that will keep you cool for the summer.

Coffee Culture Sumner (Christchurch)

Not only will you find amazing coffee at the Coffee Culture Sumner, but we also hear the hot chocolate is to die for!

Memphis Belle Coffee House (Wellington)

Feel like letting the baristas know exactly what you think about their coffee? Well at Memphis Belle customers are able to grab a piece of chalk and leave messages on the ceiling – what are you waiting for?

Long + Short (Auckland)

The ideal place to nip in and grab a quick coffee on your way to work or at lunchtime. The staff are extremely friendly and are always up for a chat!

Peoples Coffee Café (Wellington)

The best thing about Peoples Coffee Café is that their delicious coffee beans are for sale, meaning you can replicate that fresh brew at home.

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