If you didn’t know it already, Australia is filled with some pretty stunning botanical gardens. And we’re sure you didn’t know that from Rockhampton to Goondiwindi there are a few just waiting to be explored. We’ve devised a picture perfect road trip for you to see some of the most intriguing inland gardens in the country.



Rockhampton Botanical Gardens

A celebration of flora and fauna at its finest, flowers from all around the world can be found at Rockhampton’s beautifully maintained Botanical Gardens. There is also a zoo attached to the gardens, where you can visit a range of playful animals from water hens to monkeys!

After accommodation in Rocky? Look no further! Here’s a couple of options that are in a perfect position for you to explore the city.


Rockhampton to Gladstone

108 km / 1 hr 18 min

Next up? Gladstone!

The secret to the luscious Tondoon Botanic Gardens is that the unique rainforest was actually man made. Years ago, it was decided that a rainforest would be cultivated with the help of the traditional water catchments of the city in the area. This water provided the trees and plants with more than enough nutrients for it to flourish into the magnificent ecosystem that is thriving today.

The creeks and lagoons are filled with fish, turtles and ducks, some of which you can feed yourself! Thanks to the frequent rain in the area, the forest is constantly a beautiful and healthy shade of green. Walking tracks and picnic areas are aplenty, making Tondoon the ideal place to spend the day and Gladstone itself the perfect overnight stay on your trip south.



Gladstone to Miles

427 km / 4 hr 20 min

Hit the road and cut inland to the charming town of Miles, made famous for its historical village. It won’t take you long to discover streets that portray life of an early Queensland town in the time of the pioneer settlement. Head over to the Chinamans Lagoon to check out the rare pink lilies that appear in the warmer months.


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Miles to Goondiwindi

224 km / 2 hr 21 min

The final stop of the road trip brings you to Goondiwindi’s Botanic Gardens. Set on the western outskirts of town on 25 hectares of tranquillity, experience biodiversity at its finest with trees, plants and flowers that are native to the area. Some great walking trails surround a magnificent lake in the middle of the gardens, with bird watchers in particular able to take advantage of the huge variety of species that inhabit the area.