Travelling alone can be one of the most terrifying experiences in the world, but the reality is it doesn’t have to be. We’re so used to relying on others when we take a break, whether it’s for a sense of security or direction, but we’re all more than capable of setting out on a solo adventure.

Personal Space

When you take a solo short break, you’re the only one who sets the agenda. You decide where to go and when to go. For a society that is constantly on a time schedule, the freedom is liberating. Experience everything at your own pace and in your own time without the pressure of ensuring your travel companion is also having a good time.

New Friends, New Adventures

The opportunity to meet and interact with fresh faces is one of the biggest joys when setting out unaccompanied. Did you know that there are over 7.4 billion people in the world? You’ll probably struggle to meet 0.0001% of them in your lifetime. Get to know the locals! They may even show you some places that only a local can.

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s absolutely daunting having nobody else to rely on but yourself, but at the same time, it can be the most rewarding. The moment you realise you’ve accomplished something extraordinary unaided is the moment you know you can achieve anything. How many people can say they’ve taken a break by themselves, long or short?

Independence is Happiness

After some affirmation? Taking a solo short break is a great time to reflect on the life you’ve led and to hone in on where you’re wanting to go. Not only will you see the importance of taking quality time out of your day to day, but you will start to appreciate the little things in life. If we’ve inspired you to get out and take a break, read up on the 5 smart travel tips you need to know!

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