In our Big Things Tour of Australia, so far we’ve travelled close to 12,000 kilometres through 7 states and territories past snow covered ski fields, scorching deserts and stunning coastline. We’ve visited countless towns and numerous big things, some that make your jaw drop and others that make you wonder why. The next and last couple of legs of the tour take us past some of the most famous Big Things in Australia, through some beautiful towns and back to our starting point Sydney.

Day 35 – Noosa to Brisbane

(1 hour 45 minutes)

First stop Yandina and the Big Gingerbread Man – the welcoming committee at the The Ginger Factory. The Big Gingerbread Man stands at around 2 metres high and heralds the start of the Tastes of Ginger Tour at the Ginger Factory taking in all things ginger and how they are created.

Stop two the Sunshine Plantation in Nambour is home to two big attractions – the Big Pineapple and the Big Macadamia Nut. Both big attractions are attached to a range of educational activities explaining the growing, harvesting and processing of both pineapples and macadamia nuts and makes for an informative and interesting stop on our tour.

The Big Wine Bottle is our next big thing and only a short way further south at Forest Glen. It is perched on the rooftop of the 7 Acres winery and is accompanied by two oversized wine glasses and clearly states the nature of the business it is promoting. From Forest Glen we continue south to Beerwah where we come across the Big Mower, an oversized lawn mower fronting Beerwah’s impressive lawn mower shop – if you can’t find the lawn mower for you here, it doesn’t exist.

From Beerwah to Chermside in Brisbane’s outer suburbs – and from mowers to boots! The Big Boot mysteriously sits atop a paint shop where it has sat for the last 20 years or so. The boot was reportedly originally brought to the area to promote local business ‘Boots Camping’ which closed many years ago and has since been home to several businesses including a used car yard.

Inside nearby Brisbane Airport is the Big Frog, a brightly coloured replica tree frog standing around 1 metre high, a great source of amusement for bored children waiting for their flights. Brisbane is also home to a Big Apple, a Big Bull, a Big Gun, and my personal favourite a Big Redback Spider towering over a small outhouse that actually houses a toilet – no thanks! Choose from several Choice Hotels in Brisbane

Day 36 – Brisbane to the Gold Coast

(1 hour)

Heading south from Brisbane to Yatala the first stop is at the Big Meat Pie also known as ‘the pie in the sky’ The Big Meat Pie is perched high upon a post and was erected to promote Yatala’s enormous pie shop with one of the most extensive selections of pies I’ve ever seen. Onwards to Southport and the Big Muffler – an impressive (as far as mufflers go) advertisement for the local muffler shop.

The Hard Rock Cafe in Surfers Paradise is fronted by our next big attraction – the iconic Hard Rock Big Guitar lit up at night like the fourth of July. The Gold Coast is also home to a Big Boomerang and a Big Golf Ball in front of a shopping mall and a mini putt putt course respectively.

Day 37 – Gold Coast to Tweed Heads

(1 hour)

A short drive towards Tweed Heads on the border of New South Wales brings us to Currumbin and the Big Beehive perched atop an archway at the entrance to Superbee Honeyworld  – which famously draws tourists like a bee to honey! Visitors to Honeyworld are educated on the amazing life of the honey bee and the journey from flower to flavour.

Next stop Duranbah and the Big Avocado – just one of the many attractions at Tropical Fruit World which touts itself as a fun filled family theme park where you can taste your way around the property which grows over 500 varieties of sub-tropical fruit varieties – the largest collection of fruit varieties in one place in the world!

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