Whether you’re a native New Zealander, adventuring Aussie, or from the other side of the world, there are plenty of romantic getaway locations in New Zealand…I guess you could say we are #BLESSED! Keen for a romantic weekend getaway? Here’s a few couples getaway locations in New Zealand to get your inspiration flowing.

1. Hamurana Springs

If you’re looking for a romantic weekend location in New Zealand, Hamurana Springs is a must. Located less than 40 km from Tauranga this ‘hidden gem’ is one of the deepest natural fresh water springs in the North Island of New Zealand. Take a romantic short walk through a redwood grove and be sure to bring your camera… at 50ft deep the Hamurana Springs makes for one of the most Instagrammable locations wait for it… IN THE WORLD.

If you like walking (read more about that here) there is a 45 minute loop trail that is perfect for all fitness levels. While you’re visiting, why don’t you make a weekend of it? Maybe it’s not a couples weekend away you’re after, maybe it’s a family short break or even a solo time out!

2. Matapouri Bay, Mermaid Pool

If you couldn’t already tell by its name, Mermaid Pool is a location straight out of a Disney fairy tale. And while the natural pool itself is something to write home about, the walking track to get there should also get an honourable mention.

The trek along the natural landscape beneath native Matapouri trees is the perfect couples activity…you’ll half-expect to stumble across Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and the rest of the crew. Once you’re there, lay belly up and bask in the natural waters. The walk’s a little steep, so maybe leave the kids at home… Oh and you’ll want to kick back with a glass of bubbly in front of the tele or by the pool after a long day exploring.

3. Te Pukatea Bay, Nelson

No, that is not a painting and yes, it does exist. White sand? Check. Vibrant aqua water? Hashtag no filter! This bay is one for the bucket list. The idyllic still waters make it the perfect beach for family fun and for water sports like kayaking and canoeing.

This small horseshoe bay has been declared one of the most beautiful beaches in the Abel Tasman National Park. Just how beautiful you ask? Let’s just say it’s a great spot for a romantic picnic… or even a marriage proposal. You can only access this beauty by boat or by walking part of the coastal track. Stay a short drive away in Blenheim.

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