Discovering Amazing Craft Beer in New Zealand

What exactly makes craft beer so great? Is it the fact that each independent brewer creates something so unique that stands out from the crowd? Or is it the different flavours you can taste from each sip?

From Indian Pale Ale to Hefeweizen and everything in between, craft beer is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand. Made by beer connoisseurs for beer connoisseurs! There’s so many great craft beer places out there, so we’ve tried to narrow our selection down to five – check ‘em out below!



With over ten different beers on tap, Frings is the go to place for beer enthusiasts in Whangarei. With live music and a fun family environment, Frings pride themselves on delivering a warm and welcoming atmosphere, while serving the highest quality, 100% organic beer.

McLeod’s Pizza Barn & Beer

On your way up to Frings, why not stop in for pizza (and beer) along the way – a winning combination, right? Over at McLeod’s, the beer is award winning and the pizza is mouth-watering. The recipient of seven Brewer’s Guild of New Zealand Awards, the guys over at McLeod’s sure have a story to tell. All their beer is made, bottled and kegged on location. It’s worth the trip – you’re only able to taste it onsite or from a very select number of suppliers.

Lighthouse Brewing Company

Heading down to Nelson? You’ve gotta check this one out! First established in 1998 brewery, Lighthouse Brewing Company has a whole range of beer that’s grown significantly since their inception. You’ll probably need more than one visit to sample them all!

Try: Heritage Ale – with subtle hints of maple, smoke and rye malt, you’ll be thinking about this one for a long time.


Liberty Brewing Co

A quick 40 minute road trip from Auckland CBD will leave you beaming with pride for a local success story! One day, Joseph Wood decided that he wasn’t satisfied with the beer that New Zealand had to offer. And in his words, he believed there was more to beer than ‘flavourless fizzy lager.’ Taking matters into his own hands, he began brewing and experimenting with a range of unique flavours. We’re sure glad he did, enjoy!

Brothers Beer

Ranking their own home brew on two levels of ‘maltiness’ and ‘hoppiness’, Brothers Beers delivers a broad selection of beverages, each having their own distinct flavour and punch.

Must try: Amber – featuring hints of toffee and biscuits, perfect for a winter’s day.

If you’re up for it (and who wouldn’t be?) check out these beer festivals happening in Wellington throughout the rest of the year. Already going? Be sure to get in early with accommodation.

Winter Ale Festival – 22 July – Wellington
Beervana – 11-12 Aug – Wellington
Pacific Beer Expo – 21-22 Oct – Wellington
Octoberfest – 14-15 Oct – Wellington



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