The curious town of Coober Pedy is a true outback gem, situated in a remote corner of the South Australian outback. Known for its opals (commonly called the world’s Opal Capital) and its unique underground dugouts, this eccentric town will take you back in time and may even trick you into thinking that you’ve just stepped onto a movie set.

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Festivals and Events: Coober Pedy comes alive with vibrant festivals, celebrating the town’s multicultural community. The Opal Festival, typically held in February, showcases the brilliance of opals through exhibitions, workshops, and entertainment. The Coober Pedy Gem Trade Show is another highlight, attracting gem enthusiasts and traders from around the world.

Underground Living:

One of Coober Pedy’s most distinctive features is its underground homes, carved into the colourful earth to escape the scorching temperatures. Take a guided tour of an underground dwelling to witness the ingenuity of the locals in creating comfortable and unique living spaces. The Underground Serbian Orthodox Church, adorned with opalized decor, is a testament to the town’s multicultural influences.

Opal Mines and Mining History:

Discover the allure of precious opals by exploring the town’s opal mines. Join a guided tour to venture deep into the subterranean world of the mines, where the iridescent colours of opals come to life. The Old Timers Mine offers an immersive experience, allowing visitors to try their luck at fossicking for opals and gaining insights into the challenges faced by early miners.

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Discover the majestic surroundings of the Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park, spanning more than 15,000 hectares and home to more than 50 native flora species and several wildlife including echidna and red kangaroos. For an evening of relaxation, wheel your way to the Coober Pedy Drive-In Theatre, a local business managed solely by community volunteers, where films are regularly screened throughout the year.

Whether stargazing in the desert, delving into mining history, or experiencing the multicultural tapestry of the town, Coober Pedy promises an extraordinary adventure in the heart of the South Australian desert. Browse Choice Hotels’ Coober Pedy accommodation and start your next adventure today!

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