Located in New South Wales’ Northern Rivers region on the Clarence River, Grafton is a charming Australian city known for its rich history, wide tree-lined streets and perpetually warm weather. The best time to visit is in spring when the city turns purple from more than 2000 flowering jacaranda trees. Grafton is even fondly promoted as the Jacaranda City for its annual Jacaranda Festival, which locals celebrate with a half-day public holiday on the first Thursday of November.

Heritage and Historic Landmarks:

Grafton’s architectural charm and historical significance are evident in its well-preserved heritage buildings and landmarks. A stroll along the tree-lined streets of Grafton’s central district reveals a collection of heritage-listed structures, including the iconic Christ Church Cathedral and the graceful Victorian-style Post Office.

Delve into the town’s history at the Schaeffer House, a colonial cottage turned museum that showcases Grafton’s past through exhibits and artifacts. The heritage-listed Grafton Bridge, an engineering marvel, offers panoramic views of the Clarence River and the town, providing a sense of the town’s connection to its waterways.

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Culinary Delights and Local Eateries:

Grafton’s culinary landscape reflects its agricultural abundance, with local produce taking centre stage. For a taste of regional flavours, visit the Grafton Food Emporium, where you can indulge in gourmet delights sourced from local farmers and producers. The town’s cafes along Prince Street offer a delightful setting for enjoying a cup of coffee or a leisurely meal while taking in the Riverside views.

Savour the charm of Grafton’s historic pubs, such as the Jacaranda Hotel, where classic pub fare is complemented by a warm and welcoming atmosphere. These establishments offer a chance to unwind and connect with the local community.

Other things to do:

But don’t worry if you’re not visiting Grafton in July or November – with a full calendar of events year-round, there is no shortage of things to do. Shop for fresh local produce at the Grafton Farmers’ Market before stopping for a counter meal in one of the quaint country pubs. The Grafton Heritage Trail profiles the city’s grand history and stunning architecture, while the Grafton Regional Gallery showcases the works of famous Australian artists. Grafton is also the perfect base from which to explore the nearby Nymboida National Park.

Whether wandering through heritage-listed streets, enjoying the beauty of blooming jacarandas, or savouring local cuisine, Grafton promises an authentic and enriching experience that captures the essence of this Riverside haven on the Clarence. Start your next adventure and book Grafton accommodation with Choice Hotels.

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