Located on the eastern coast of New Zealand’s South Island, Christchurch is known as the garden city of the Canterbury Plains.

Whether you are planning a weekend trip and travelling from afar, the Christchurch International Airport, bus routes and train networks make traveling to and from Christchurch easy and scenic. Between their rich history, picturesque ambiance and extreme activities, make sure you allocate enough time to experience it all.


For all the adrenaline junkies out there, Christchurch has a few things to get you elevated. Why not go sky diving or hot air ballooning where you can see the beautiful mountain ranges on one side and the Pacific ocean on the other?

Whether you want the rush of a jump from the plane or a mellow flight across the valley in a basket, you’ll have great photos to share later. Since New Zealand is responsible for turning bungy jumping into an attraction, some may say you must take the plunge from a bridge while you are visiting.

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Today this husband of mine took his risk taking spirit to another level!!! 🧗‍♂️ He did level 6 of the high rope adventure at the adrenaline forest which is the highest, most challenging level 100feet above ground. Most people did not even finish level 3 or 4 (including me), but this one went straight at level 6 and knocked it out of the park. Im so amazed and proud of this daredevil of mine for all the strength he has (physical and mental). I was on the ground either praying for him or cursing him, because thats what wives are for 😝🙈🙉🙊 #Adrenalinforest #forest #treetops #100feet #adventurepark #highropes #abseilingharness #rotorua #adventurous #sohigh #iwassodcared #adventure #daredevil #bayofplenty #nz #newzealand #kiwipics #vacay #vacation2018

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At the Adrenalin Forest the name speaks for itself. Over 20 flying foxes suspended up to 20 meters in the air weave through the forest. For more of a challenge they offer obstacle courses to test friends and family. If you’d prefer something with a view but not so heart pounding, the Christchurch gondola offers 360 views suspended at 1 km high.


Being surrounded by mountains and ocean, Christchurch offers some amazing fresh and salt water activities.

In the ocean, sea life is bustling. Just off the coast is a 2 kilometre underwater canyon where two powerful currents meet and draw nutrients from below to the surface. This is where whale watching is a real treat. Catch a photo of Giant Sperm Whales, Humpbacks, Pilot Whales or Orcas feasting on an abundance of marine life.

For another once in a lifetime experience, swim with dolphins in their natural habitat.

Not just any dolphins, but the Hector’s dolphins that are only found in the South Island of New Zealand. Small and quick, the Hector’s Dolphins are known to swim around you as they show off in their natural setting.

At the Waimak River Gorge take a heart pumping ride on a jet boat while an experienced driver tops speeds of 85kph and spins 360 degrees. If you’d like to be a little more active, the white water rafting tests your agility down the grade five rapids. At the steady parts of the river take a look into the crystal turquoise waters below to see salmon and rainbow trout working their way up stream.

Winding through the heart of Christchurch, the Avon River offers beautiful views. Feel as if you are in Venice by floating along the river in a flat-bottomed boat as you float alongside Christchurch’s iconic Botanic Gardens.


Back on land, bike paths are a huge part of Christchurch’s culture. The city offers an abundance of trails, bike lanes and tracks to get you from point A to B easily. The bike paths along the Avon River are always popular for a quiet ride through the gardens and parks, capturing inner city views.

For bike enthusiasts, McLeans Island track or Bottle Lake Forest offer 1000-hectare pine forest trails with some family friendly options or the sand hills for a challenge. For more wilderness expeditions, visitors can take day trips or overnight stays.

One trending option is canyoning where fanatics can abseil down cliffs and waterfalls, slide down chutes or jump into water pools. Make sure you have a sports helmet cam to record the views and expeditions.

After a long day of activities make sure you check out the Air Force Museum of New Zealand showing the country’s military aviation history, the Canterbury Museum showcasing rare Māori artefacts or enjoy a feast of food at a pop up restaurant in the open air markets.

Christchurch Accommodation

When visiting and discovering Christchurch from air, water and land it’s always good to have a centrally located place to stay. There are many selections for Christchurch Accommodation, but finding a place close to the airport while still being in the heart of the city allows you to really enjoy the wonders within Christchurch.

Quality Hotel Elms is in a great location offering modern accommodation close to all the wonders of Christchurch you might want to discover. Econo Lodge Canterbury Court is conveniently located in Addington: the events district of Christchurch. Walking distance to Horncastle Arena, AMI Stadium and Addington Raceway, only 10 Minutes drive from the Central City, located in Christchurch’s new business area.

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