Travelling with a partner is an altogether different experience to travelling with your family, or with a group. The type of accommodation you require, the things you want to do and see and the type of places you wish to visit are all likely to be different for couples than for larger groups. Australia is a huge country with a large range of holiday experiences on offer from romantic beach getaways to city escapes. We’ve covered three great holiday destinations for couples in Australia.

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1. Esperance, Western Australia

If a beach holiday is what you and your partner are looking for, then Esperance can’t be beaten. Nearby Cape Le Grand National Park is home to 27 of the most beautiful beaches in Australia including Lucky Bay, owner of the title ‘The Whitest Beach in Australia’, and most of them are virtually deserted.

The town of Esperance itself is a quiet coastal town located 720km south of Perth. The area has a moderate Mediterranean like climate year round ideal for enjoying the stunning natural surroundings and picturesque beaches. Couples will love the laid back atmosphere and secluded beaches and Choice Hotels’ Comfort Inn Bay of Isles provides the perfect base to explore the region.

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2. Mildura, Victoria

Not often thought of as a holiday destination on its own, Mildura surprisingly, has a lot to offer. With an active arts community, respected local wine industry and quality restaurants not to mention the mighty Murray River as a backdrop, Mildura will delight food and wine connoisseurs and nature lovers alike. Couples will love visiting the many cellar doors and sampling the local wines and gourmet food. Hot air ballooning, paddleboat cruises and exploring the Murray by canoe are other activities ideal for couples. Choice Hotels has a range of four excellent Mildura hotels to choose from offering a variety of room types, services and facilities.

3. Mount Gambier, South Australia

With all the attractions and comforts of a city, Mount Gambier is also rich in natural beauty and unique geographical features. Couples who like to enjoy life’s little luxuries such as five star hotels and fine dining restaurants by night and communing with nature during the day will love Mount Gambier.

Located on the limestone coast in South Australia, Mount Gambier is surrounded by lakes, volcanic craters, limestone and underground aquifers. The famous Blue Lake changes colour dramatically each year around November, transforming from a cold steel grey colour to a vibrant cobalt blue until April when it returns to steel grey. The Cave Garden is another stunning local attraction and the ideal place to picnic. Once a limestone cave, the garden was formed when the roof of the cave collapsed onto the floor of the cave creating a huge sink hole. A nightly sound and light show in the cave is a unique experience to share.

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