Located halfway along the coastal drive from Sydney to Melbourne on the South Coast of NSW, Merimbula, crowned “the coast of Sapphire” by early European explorer Jules Sebastien Cesar Dumont d’Urville upon seeing the coastline for the first time, is a holiday destination surrounded by complex and awe inspiring water systems. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast, whalewatcher, surfer, or simply a lover of fresh oysters and shellfish, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Merimbula

Here are five unmissable Merimbula activities.

1. Relax at one of Merimbula’s 13 pristine beaches

Bar Beach, Merimbula. Image: Destination NSW

Merimbula’s beautiful lakes and brilliant coastline include 13 unique beaches, each with their own unique feel and experience. From snorkelling at Bar Beach to winter walks along the Ben Boyd National Park or surfing at Lions Park Beach, Merimbula has a beach for every traveller. 

Merimbula’s thirteen beaches: 

  1. North Tura Beach: Residing within the Bournda National Park, North Tura Beach is the perfect place to have a quick dip or enjoy the view after a long bushwalk.
  2. Dolphin Cove: Dolphin Cove is a quiet, family friendly beach to the south of Bournda National Park. 
  3. Tura Beach: The perfect dog friendly beach to bring your four legged friend. 
  4. Short Point Beach: Patrolled during the holidays, this is the perfect location for a family beach day. 
  5. Spencer Park: Spencer Park has BBQ facilities and a playground, making it an ideal spot for family friendly birthday celebrations.
  6. Middle Beach: Ideal for whale watching from it’s vantage point, Middle Beach has strong tides and is not recommended for young children. 
  7. Bar Beach: Fishing, snorkelling, swimming, surfing – You name it, Bar Beach is perfect for it. 
  8. Main Beach: Main Beach is an ideal location for family trips, with full facilities including bathrooms, shade, BBQs, picnic facilities, playgrounds and a sports oval.
  9. Pambula Beach: Patrolled during the holidays, Pambula is a great beach for young children. Whales can be seen from viewpoints during Spring and Autumn.
  10. Lions Park Beach: Off-leash dog friendly, Lions Park features stunning walking tracks over the headland.
  11. Pambula Rivermouth: The Pambula rivermouth features walking tracks over the headland and up the river, making it a perfect destination for a day spent exploring the local ecosystem. For surfing, the rivermouth features a classic, perfectly hollow two hundred metre right hand, sand bottom tube ride – Attracting surfers from around the world. 
  12. Bar Mouth Beach: Accessible via Ben Boyd National Park, Bar Mouth Beach is ideal for beach walking, as well as bushwalking, with tracks leading up from the National Park and towards Haycock Point.
  13. Severs Beach: The most Southerly beach in the Merimbula area, Severs Beach is located at the end of a stunning 700 metre walk from the carpark. 
Sunset at Short Point Beach, Merimbula. Image: Destination NSW

2. Visit Mount Imlay National Park for kayaking, fishing, bird watching, picnicking and hiking.

Mount Imlay National Park is home to its namesake mountain, Mount Imlay (or ‘Balawan’ for local Yuin Indigenous Australians).

For adventurous travellers, the national park features a 6 kilometre trail through eucalypt forests to the summit of Mount Imlay, which has a steep incline of 600 metres.

For those wanting to move at a more leisurely pace, the park is widely known for it’s bright wildflowers and native birds, with yellow-tailed black cockatoos and lyrebirds regularly delighting birdwatchers.

Let the locals fill you in on the best fishing spots in Merimbula

Enjoy fishing on Australia’s Sapphire Coast. Image: Getty

One of the best fishing destinations in the country, Merimbula has a fishing experience for every age group and experience level.

Whether you want to park yourself at a jetty with an esky and some camping chairs, hire a tinny and go out on the estuary, fish at the beaches, catch your own prawns with a torch and net at dawn, or take a deep sea charter to fish for marlin with the professionals, the best place to start is at the Merimbula Big Game and Lakes Angling Club.

The club meets every Friday night at 6:30 and has an open door policy for visitors wanting local tips on where to fish and what to fish for. If your Friday night is already filled up, the club also releases a weekly fishing report with the latest up to date information on fishing in the local area.

Watch Nemo, Dory, and families of Humpback and Southern Right Whales whiz past on the East Australian Current.

Humpback Whale, Merimbula on the NSW South Coast Watch out for Humpback Whales off the coast of Merimbula. Image: Destination NSW

The South Pacific Ocean is part of the East Australian Current, the largest ocean current close to Australia.

This wildlife superhighway moves an incredible 30 million cubic metres of water per second in a broad tunnel down the East coast of Australia.

Each year, hundreds of humpback and southern right whales migrate North in Winter and return with their calves in Spring, on the way back to the feeding grounds of the Antarctic.

The whales migration is easily viewed from several vantage points in Merimbula (such as Pambula Beach Lookout), as well as on whalewatching tours such as Sapphire Coastal Adventures. Alongside humpback and southern right whales, the Merimbula shores are also home to little penguins, sea birds, dolphins, flying fish, turtles and fur seals. 

Learn about oyster farming in the Merimbula area, then shuck and taste a world famous Pambula Lake Sydney Rock Oyster straight from the waters of the lake.

Freshly opened oysters farmed in Merimbula by Brett Weingarth, owner and captain of Captain Sponges Magical Oyster Tours. Image: Destination NSW.

Pambula Lake is part of Australia’s Oyster Coast and produces some of the nations most premium oysters. The region utilises modern aquaculture techniques to farm premium, internationally recognised shellfish. To learn about oyster farming in the area, local techniques and biology, basics of oyster husbandry, most importantly, to sample oysters Anthony Bourdain style, straight from the waters, try a tour with Magical Oyster Tours. .

The Pinnacles

If you’re after a good old fashioned hiking trail, the The Pinnacles are the way to go! A breathtaking path along rugged coastline takes you through dense forest and around the shore, with picturesque scenery around every corner.

Need a place to stay?

Located in the heart of Merimbula, the Comfort Inn Merimbula offers a warm and inviting place to stay. Situated on Merimbula Drive, just up from the main shopping strip in town and a stones throw from Merimbula’s pristine local beaches, the hotel offers a range of accommodation options for a great holiday in a serene and untouched part of the world.  

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