Geelong is known for their complex historic background and buildings. Recently they started to reinvent these old, industrial spaces by transforming them into creative hubs, urban precincts and fabulous restaurants. From old mills, waterfront docks and even spooky gaols have been revamped into a fun, interesting and unique place to stay and play.

Geelong not only embraces their buildings, but their ghosts. Whether you are enticed by the history of the gaol or a scary thrill seeker intrigued by the unknown, Twisted History offers exciting tours that are a must for your next visit to Geelong.

Geelong Gaol

Standing three stories high built of stone and surrounded by a brick wall, the notoriously haunted Geelong Gaol was once the Industrial School for Girls in the 1850’s. The prison was occupied by murderers and lunatics in a high security block of over 100 cells before being decommissioned in 1991.

It’s one of Australia’s most intact 19th century convict prisons that now hosts haunted tours seven days a week to the doubtful, curious and paranormal seeking fanatics.

Ghostly Tours

There are haunted houses and then there are haunted prisons. Are you willing to walk into an old, dark and historically frightening prison where convicts not only died, but were executed? Explore Old Geelong Gaol after dark and be haunted and entertained by the history behind the walls.

The tour takes people back in time when men, women and even children once called the building home. Learn who some of the inmates were, what they committed in order to become a resident of the gaol and what they endured while they paid their time.

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Ghost Investigations

The ghost investigation tours held within Geelong’s paranormal hotspots are thrilling for people who love watching horror movies or running into the darkness when there is a bang in the night. Imagine being equipped with night vision cameras, infrared goggles, laser grids, motion sensors and EMF detectors as you team up with specialists directing you to their locational findings.

The Geelong Gaol is known to Victorians as “The Prison of the Ill” due to the convicts having extreme illnesses.

The tiny cells, lack of toilets and freezing cold conditions made this dungeon a spiritual breeding ground perfect for paranormal investigations. Whether you are just curious or a daredevil for the extremely twisted, there are different investigations to either give you a taste of the dark and spooky or a whole 9-hour night emerged in it.

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