How to get the most out of Public Holidays

Australians are ready to grab their public holidays with both hands in 2023, and with some simple planning you can double your time off. We’ve crunched the dates to show you how to maximise annual leave and book those much-needed breaks that have been sitting at the top of your to do list for way too long.  

How to extend your leave

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Time to book you annual leave and utilise the Public Holidays! Image from Thomas Barwick.

In Australia, most full-time workers receive four weeks of paid annual leave a year. By strategically combining this leave with public holidays, you can extend your leave by over 50 days. Public holidays vary between Australian states, so we have focused on national holidays such as Australia Day, Easter, ANZAC Day and Christmas as opportunities for an extended stay away, no matter where you are.

When are Public Holidays?

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Public Holiday’s coming up? Take some annual leave and have an extended break! Image from Thomas Barwick.

Life is busy, so we’ve sorted the dates so you don’t have to. We’ve also added some suggested getaways, picking some seasonal highlights from across Australia.  

Australia Day – Thursday 26 January

Melbourne, Australia. Aerial city skyline from helicopter. Skyscrapers, park and lake
Enjoy your break in Melbourne City! Image from Paola Giannoni.

Enjoy a 9-day break between January 21 to January 29 by booking four annual leave days over January 23 – 25 and January 27. This results in a 9-day break as you’ll be able to include the weekends as well.

  • Monday January 23: Annual Leave
  • Tuesday January 24: Annual Leave
  • Wednesday January 25: Annual Leave
  • Thursday January 26: Australia Day
  • Friday January 27: Annual leave

Suggested getaway: Kick-start your year with a summer to remember. January 2023 in Melbourne is packed with events, shows and activities that will set things in the right direction.

Good Friday April 7 to Easter Monday April 10

Children on an Easter Egg in the garden having fun. The children are lined up about to begin the Easter egg hunt.
Easter is the perfect time to get the family together. Image from Looks Like Me.

Enjoy a 10-day break between April 7 to April 16 when you book four annual leave days over April 11-14. This results in a 10-day break as you’ll be able to include the weekends as well.

  • Tuesday April 11: Annual leave (this is already public holiday in Tasmania)
  • Wednesday April 12: Annual leave
  • Thursday April 13: Annual leave
  • Friday April 14: Annual leave

Suggested getaways: 7 Roadtrip ideas for the Easter long weekend. Find the perfect time away with these seven easy road trips.

ANZAC Day – Tuesday April 25

Shrine of Remembrance in the background with a statute of soldiers on a donkey.
Enjoy a 9-day break over ANZAC Day. Image from Earl Carter.

Enjoy a 9-day break between April 22 to April 30 by booking four annual leave days on April 24 and April 26-28. This results in a 10-day break as you’ll be able to include the weekends as well.

  • Monday April 24: Annual leave
  • Tuesday April 25: ANZAC Day
  • Wednesday April 26: Annual leave
  • Thursday April 27: Annual leave
  • Friday April 28: Annual leave

Suggested getaways: Treat yourself to a springtime getaway to Tasmania. Cruise the sun-kissed Tamar River, sip your way along wine trails and relax in historical wonders come to life.

King’s Birthday – Monday 12 June (does not include WA or QLD)

Aerial view of beach and ocean. Victoria, Australia
The beaches are calling your name, use your annual leave now! Image from Nearmap.

Enjoy a 10-day break between June 10 to June 19 by booking five annual leave days off over June 13 – June 16 and June 19. This results in a 10-day break as you’ll be able to include the weekends as well.

  • Monday June 12: King’s Birthday
  • Tuesday June 13: Annual leave
  • Wednesday June 14: Annual leave
  • Thursday June 15: Annual leave
  • Friday June 16: Annual leave
  • Monday June 19: Annual leave

Suggested getaways: Spend a cosy winter’s getaway in South Australia. Rustic cellar doors with winter reds, hearty servings by the fire and festivals that bring the season to life in a burst of colour and flavour.

Christmas – Monday 25 December

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Enjoy time off with family to celebrate Christmas! Image from 10’000 Hours.

In 2023 Christmas and Boxing Day are on Monday and Tuesday, so you already get a 4-day weekend without using annual leave. But you can enjoy a 10-day break (December 23 – January 2) by taking just three days off from December 27–30.

  • Wednesday December 27: Annual leave
  • Thursday December 28: Annual leave
  • Friday December 29: Annual leave

Suggested getaway: Minimise travel time and maximise fun time over Christmas and the New Year. Check out these fabulous family getaways within two hours’ drive of a capital city.

Time to book your Annual Leave

It’s now time to book in your Annual Leave to maximise the Public Holidays! Overall, with the dates that we have provided, you will only need to use 20 days of your annual leave to get the most out of 2023’s public holidays. Using your annual leave over the public holidays, it will allow you 50 days off in total… now that’s a great hack!

If you’re a parent, this is the perfect opportunity to get the most of the public holidays and be able to spend time with your family!

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