How to Keep up Your Fitness Routine on the Road

When you are required to travel for work, your fitness routine is often the first thing to fall by the wayside. Between scheduled meetings and work functions, you’re usually low on time, out of sync and eating poorly, which is the perfect storm to set your fitness goals back. If you want to make sure you’re still on the move when you’re on the road, use these tips to supplement your existing fitness routine and return home feeling fantastic.


Make use of the hotel facilities

Before you check in, be sure to check out your hotel’s amenities online so you can plan out your fitness routine during your stay. If they don’t have a gym or swimming pool onsite, they might have a lawn or sunny deck where you can practice yoga (if you don’t mind a few weird looks from your fellow guests). Be sure to schedule in a set time to exercise – generally the morning works best in case you are too fatigued by the end of the day – and stick to it every day you’re away. 

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Keep an eye on local deals

In the lead up to your trip, be sure to look up any classes that you’ve been wanting to try, to see if they have an introductory offer. Often, you can get a single class cheaper than you would pay for your regular membership by signing up this way, and it can be a great way to try out a new class style with no commitment. You can also check if any of your regular classes have a franchise nearby that will allow you to keep your routine almost perfect while you travel for work. 


Create an “on the go” fitness routine

If you ask a fitness professional how they keep it up when they’re on the road, you’ll never hear about them slacking because they don’t have their usual equipment. Create a routine of exercises that target your whole body and can be done anywhere, without any equipment. Whether you’re practicing your squats in your hotel room, or stretching in a stairwell, you’ll always be able to keep your body in top condition. If you’re unsure of where to begin, you can check out tutorials online or ask your personal trainer to create one for you. 


Hit the streets

Is there a better way to get moving than to see the sights? Pop on your runners, start exploring the area around your hotel and feel your legs burn. This is a great way to ensure you’re getting some relaxing, low-impact exercise. If you’re wanting to increase the intensity, you can always add in some other exercises – such as lunges or star jumps – when you get to different landmarks.


Pack for fitness

The fact is that you’re never going to exercise while you travel for work if you leave all your gym gear behind. You might not want to lug around a yoga mat, but as long as you have your runners and your most lightweight gym gear in your bag, you’re instantly more likely to find a way to use them.

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