The Best Korean Fried Chicken in Melbourne

You haven’t had fried chicken, until you’ve had Korean fried chicken. What’s the difference between the two? While both varieties are mouth-watering and finger licking good, Korean fried chicken packs a flavour punch unlike any other! With skin so crisp and crunchy, the dish is traditionally dressed in a variety of sauces that will set your taste buds alight.

Melbournians have been blessed with a whole host of Korean cuisine options, so we’ve tried a few and dwindled them down to our top five! Yes, we believe we have conducted enough extensive research in the field that allows us to call ourselves experts. After more Melbourne food goodness? We’ve got you covered.

Da Rin

Our personal favourite, and probably the most underrated, be adventurous and order your chicken coated in hot chilli, honey garlic, or our go to: melted cheese. They also have a TV pumping KPOP music videos providing an authentic Korean experience.

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Nene Chicken

Recently opening up in Australia in the last couple of years, Nene Chicken can be found in most shopping centres including Melbourne Central and Highpoint. The skin on their chicken strips… no words.

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Sam Sam Chicken

Located in the middle of the CBD on Swanston Street, Sam Sam Chicken has platters big enough to share with half a dozen of your friends (or by yourself if you’re really keen). Make sure you get in early though to avoid the queues!

Gami Chicken

Arguably one of the most well-known fried chicken restaurants in Melbourne, Gami chicken not only has amazing fried chicken but their cheese corn dish is another must try!

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After some fried goodness with a tall glass of refreshing beer on one of Melbourne’s most iconic streets? Yep, Hwatu is for you!

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