If you enjoy a strategic team challenge then you will love Escape Rooms! Use your (and your team’s) brains and logic to solve a series of puzzles and problems that will ultimately lead you out of a scenario. From breaking out of jail to escaping a deadly virus unleashed on the world, these timed adventures will be challenging, sometimes frightening, and very rewarding. Melbourne is home to a whole stack of escape rooms, all varying in levels of difficulty. And we’ve compiled a list of the best!



Take a journey into the darkest wormholes of space and attempt to fix your aircraft before time runs out. If you don’t, the oxygen will deplete and you will die (figuratively). The puzzles are fairly straight forward, but you’ll need to think about things from a different perspective to get out alive. Working with your team is vital on this mission.

Level of difficulty: 3/5
Team size recommendation: 2-3


When scientists working at a maximum-security laboratory haven’t been heard from in a few days, it’s up to you and your team to head in and retrieve them. However, the government has issued a nuke to destroy the lab due to the dangerous specimens located inside. Can you get in and out before time expires? The puzzles are tricky, but remember, there’s always more than one way to solve a problem!

Level of difficulty: 4.5/5
Team size recommendations: 2-4


Prove yourself to the grand magician, Kellar, by solving intricate puzzles that require high-level deduction and reading skills. A creative and innovative experience, this escape room will give your brain a real workout.

Hint: Things are never as they appear – make sure you look very closely!

Level of difficulty: 3/5
Team size recommendations: 2-5


Waking up with no recollection of how you got there, your job is to escape this dark and mysterious room. As you start to gather your senses, you’ll soon realise there’s a deadly virus outside and it’s only a matter of time before it reaches you. Can you figure out how to obtain the vaccine before it’s too late? The setup for this escape room is extremely realistic, making the experience of ‘Amnesia’ the most immersive yet!

Level of difficulty: 3.25/5
Team size recommendation: 2-4


A super villain has broken into Da Vinci’s studio to steal a map that will lead him to hidden inventions and potentially destroy the world as we know it. Your time has come to head in and crack Da Vinci’s countless codes and retrieve the map before it falls into the hands of evil. This quirky escape room is great with a group of friends.

Level of difficulty: 4/5
Team size recommendation: 3-6


If you ever get stuck, you’re always connected to the game master via walkie-talkie. They’ll be able to give you hints if you don’t know what to do.

These puzzles are designed to make you think, so it’s good to clear your head before you go in. Don’t rush! Take your time working things out – but not too long! And remember, sometimes the solution is right in front of you, you just have to look closely!

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