5 Must-Have Carry-On Items For Any Flight

Packing your suitcase for a trip away is something most… OK SOME of us put a lot of time towards. And if it’s a long-haul flight, we’ve gotta make the most of that 20-30 kg limit. We know it’s important to set aside some time pre-travel to piece together different outfits, shoes, accessories and toiletries but most of us rarely set aside time to pack our carry-on luggage.

We’ve put together a list of 5 must-have carry-on items that you should never forget to pack for any length flight!

1. Got mint?

No matter the length of your flight it’s a good idea to have something minty in your hand luggage. Let’s face it, your relatives at the other end may love you, but nobody loves the smell of 3-hour old egg sandwich residue, we repeat; NOBODY. Chewing gum, sucking on a mint or even rinsing with mouth-wash will not only leave your breath fresh but will make you feel a whole lot cleaner. Your relatives might even thank you too.

2. Read up

Sure most airlines provide a screen to passengers these days, but sometimes it’s nice to give your eyes a rest. Whether it’s a book, kindle, magazine or newspaper having your own reading material is a good way to get the mind moving in a different way. It’s also great in the case of a delayed flight.

3. Happy hands

Is there anything worse than getting off a plane with clammy, dirty or sticky hands? Doubtful. We recommend packing some hand sanitizer and hand cream to apply throughout the flight. You’ll be surprised by the difference it’ll make.

must have carry on

4. Lip balm

Being at high altitude can really dry out your lips, so along with drinking plenty of water, we recommend applying lip balm every so often to help your lips keep their moisture.

5. Ear plugs

Sound cancelling earplugs are a great multipurpose carry-on item. Not only will they block out the snoring of old mate next door, but they can also stop your ears popping and reduce the sound of cabin commotion. An essential if you plan to sneak a mid-flight snooze.

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