If there’s one thing in the world we can all agree on, it’s that chocolate can turn any good situation into a great one. Feeling a little cold? Hot chocolate will warm you up. Craving something sweet for dessert? A chocolate truffle sounds good! To celebrate World Chocolate Day, we’ve decided to hunt down mouth-watering shops that serve nothing but the best cocoa from all around the globe!


Max Brenner

Rich, milk chocolate drizzled over fresh and fluffy waffles…are you salivating yet? Synonymous with sugary delights, Max Brenner take their chocolate creations seriously (and to a whole new level). Prioritising indulgence, their eclectic menu will turn any first timer into a repeat customer.

TRY: Chocolate Fondue for Two – a combination of pure melted milk and dark chocolate, served with fresh strawberries, banana and marshmallows.

Koko Black

You’ve gotta check out the chocolate cabinet in this place! Featuring over 15 unique and luxurious chocolate pieces that range from the classic ‘almond praline’ to ‘lemonwood honey’, you can get all your cocoa cravings in one spot.

TRY: The Belgian Hot Chocolate, which is brewed from an original recipe created by front man Shane Hills.

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café

If there’s one thing Belgians do well, it’s chocolate. Sold in over 100 countries, the Guylian brand is famous for the unique seashell shapes and melt-in-your-mouth texture of their chocolate creations.

TRY: Dark Baked Chocolate Cake – a rich Belgian chocolate cake with ganache, served with Belgian chocolate ice cream (warning, chocolate overload!).

Haigh’s Chocolates

Established over 100 years ago in Adelaide by Alfred E Haigh, the once local business is now the oldest family-owned chocolate factory in Australia!
If you’re passing by or you’ve had this stop pencilled in for a while, you can’t go past their chocolate bars!

TRY: Dark Vanilla Fudge Bars

San Churro Chocolateria

The perfect place to share a warm choccy treat with your friends or loved ones, San Churro offers the goods with their premium desserts. Signature dish? You guessed it, the churro! A deep fried Spanish donut, powdered with sugar and dipped in melted chocolate.

TRY: San Churro Sundae – three scoops of chocolate ice cream with choc fudge brownie pieces, chocolate fudge and melted milk chocolate.

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