2019 is all about being smart. At Choice Hotels, we’ve got some major annual leave hacks to help you make smarter choices. If you play your cards right, you just might be able to get a significant amount of time off this year. Browse through inspirational travel articles and book great value accommodation at ChoiceHotels.com.

Did you know that New Zealand has some of the highest rates of unused leave among the world’s developed nations?

Even though Kiwis have a reputation for being laid back, our report reveals that 1 in 5 New Zealanders find it hard to take a holiday.

Not only is stress at work is a major cause for concern, it has huge repercussions on our long term mental health, anxiety levels and mood swings. There has been an alarming increase in the number of people who have been working years without taking any substantial time off and this has recently become more prevalent. Over 41% of the people surveyed attributed ‘work’ as the main reason why they could not take a break.

With the aim to better take care of your health, this year we’re helping you be strategic with how you book leave days which will help you get the long holiday you deserve. 2019 is the perfect year to redeem yourself, here’s a list of weekends and public holidays (in bold).

Plan in advance, thank us later.

January Public Holidays 2019

Tuesday 1 January (New Year’s Day)

Wednesday 2 January (Day after New Year’s Day)

Saturday 19 January

Sunday 20 January

Monday 21 January (Wellington anniversary day)

Saturday 26 January 

Sunday 27 January

Monday 28 January (Auckland anniversary day, Northland anniversary day)

February Public Holidays 2019

Saturday 2 February

Sunday 2 February

Monday 4 February (Nelson anniversary day, Buller anniversary day)

Wednesday 6 February (Waitangi Day)

March Public Holidays 2019

Saturday 9 March

Sunday 10 March

Monday 11 March (Taranaki Anniversary in NZ)

Saturday 23 March

Sunday 24 March

Monday 25 March (Otago anniversary day)

Long weekend recommendations: Why not enjoy the long weekends by exploring great places to eat in Wellington and Christchurch?

If you’re feeling adventurous, here are 4 fun things to do in the heart of Aotearoa New Zealand’s beautiful North Island, Taupō.

April Public Holidays 2019

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Saturday 13 April

Sunday 14 April

Friday 19 April (Public holiday: Good Friday – New Zealand wide)

Saturday 20 April

Sunday 21 April

Monday 22 April (Public holiday: Easter Monday – New Zealand wide)

Tuesday 23 April (Southland anniversary day)

Thursday 25 April (Public holiday: ANZAC Day – New Zealand wide)

Saturday 27 April

Sunday 28 April

Annual leave tip: Take seven annual leave days between 13th and 28th April to enjoy a total of 16 days off.

Holiday recommendations: With time on your side, you’ve got no excuses to skip this year’s Akarua Arrowtown Autumn Festival. Take a look at these road trip ideas in NZ:

June Public Holidays 2019

Saturday 1 June  

Sunday 2 June

Monday 3 June (Queen’s Birthday – New Zealand Only)

Long weekend recommendations: Visit the largest city in New Zealand‘s South Island – a popular winter destination. This is the best time to enjoy idyllic winter snowfall in New Zealand.

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September Public Holidays 2019

Saturday 21 September

Sunday 22 September

Monday 23 September (South Canterbury Anniversary – New Zealand Only)

Long weekend recommendations: Visit some of the world’s most well-regarded sauvignon blanc vineyards, right here at the gateway to the wineries, Blenheim.

October Public Holidays 2019

Friday 25 October (Hawke’s Bay Anniversary – New Zealand Only)

Saturday 26 October

Sunday 27 October

Monday 28 October (Labour Day – New Zealand Only)

Holiday recommendations: Whether you’re in the North Island or South Island – we’ve got you covered. Go for a good old-fashioned hike in New Zealand’s North Island for its breathtaking national parks and hiking trails or take a look at these six incredibly fun (and FREE!) activities in South Island.

November Public Holidays 2019

Saturday 2 November

Sunday 3 November

Monday 4 November (Marlborough Anniversary – New Zealand Only)

Friday 15 November (Canterbury Anniversary New Zealand Only)

Saturday 16 November

Sunday 17 November 

Long weekend recommendations: This is the best time to travel to beautiful destinations in North Island and South Island.

December Public Holidays 2019

Monday 2 December (Westland Anniversary, Chatham Islands Anniversary – New Zealand Only)

Saturday 21 December

Sunday 22 December

Wednesday 25 December (Public holiday: Christmas Day – Australia & New Zealand wide)

Thursday 26 December (Public holiday: Boxing Day – Australia & New Zealand wide)

Saturday 28 December

Sunday 29 December

Annual leave tip: Take 5 days of annual leave for a total of 11 days off.

Holiday recommendations: Want to try something different this new year? Check out two of New Zealand’s premier music festivals Rhythm & Alps music festival and Rhythm and Vines music and camping festival – both set to welcome 2020 with a bang!

Take a look at Australia’s list of public holidays 2019 and plan your year like a pro. 

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