New Zealand School holidays 2019

Kia ora! Here is a list of school holiday and term dates for 2019. Plan your trips, getaways and short breaks and book your accommodation at to get the best value.



Term 1

School Term Dates 11 Weeks
Start: 28th January 2019 End: 12th April 2019

Autumn School Holidays


2 Weeks

Start: 13th April 2019 End: 28th April 2019


Autumn School Holiday Ideas

Weekend getaways:

  • Stargazing at Lake Tekapo: If your kids love taking pictures of nature, take your budding photographers to this Canterbury region that offers a picturesque view of the sky, surrounding mountains and lakes. Lake Pukaki is another popular destination bound to make it to your list of places to visit while touring the South Island.
  • Wanaka: Autumn is one of the best times of the year and especially dramatic in the South Island. Discover one of the most geotagged places in NZ, Lake Wanaka, with the entire family. We’ve covered five other free activities in South Island that you will love.



Term 2

School Term Dates 10 Weeks
Start: 29th April 2019 End: 5th July 2019

Winter School Holidays


2 Weeks

Start: 6th July 2019 End: 21st July 2019


Winter School Holiday Ideas

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  • Plan a visit to a nature reserve: New Zealand has an incredibly unique wildlife. Travel to the Auckland Zoo, Wellington’s Zealandia or Rotorua’s Rainbow Springs to learn about different species of flora and fauna. Here’s a list of the best zoos to visit in New Zealand.
  • Kaikoura: There is plenty of reason to plan a trip to this coastal town on the South Island. Home to New Zealand fur seals, Kaikoura is also known for its sperm whale population. Looking for some adventure? Check out this road trip itinerary from Kaikoura to Timaru.



 Term 3

School Term Dates 10 Weeks
Start: 22nd July 2019 End: 27th September 2019

Spring School Holidays


2 Weeks

Start: 28th September 2019 End: 13th October 2019


Spring School Holiday Ideas

  • Rotorua: There’s plenty to do in this town primarily known for its geothermal activities. Visit the Rainbow Springs Nature Park and see kiwis, the famous national bird of New Zealand.
  • Hiking in NZ: This is probably the best time to go hiking. Even though school holidays fall under this season, spring is still a better time to go hiking before the busy summer seasons starts. The benefits of going hiking during this period includes witnessing spring flowers bloom, gorgeous waterfalls and wildlife. Take a look at our list of hiking trails in NZ’s North Island.

Things to do in North island



Term 4

School Term Dates Up to 10 Weeks
Start: 14th October 2019 End: 20th December 2019

(Primary, intermediate and special schools)


End: 13th December

(Secondary and composite)


Summer School Holidays


5 or 6 Weeks

Start: 21st December 2019 End: 28th January 2020


Summer School Holiday Ideas

  • Napier, Hawke’s Bay: Take the Art Deco Quarter walking tour to learn about Napier’s history or make time to go fishing in Tukituki River – this wine producing coastal town has something for everyone.
  • Auckland: Plan a beach day for the entire family and head to one of many pristine beaches located in Auckland. After a day spent in the sun, try one of these amazing seafood restaurants in the city.




Source: New Zealand Government