Located just two hours’ drive north of Sydney, the coastal city of Newcastle is home to an abundance of magnificent locations for you to dive in and cool off. From relaxing in ocean baths to surfing six footers, if you’re planning on heading up the coast, we’ve got a list of Newcastle beaches you can’t pass up!


Nobby’s Beach

Clean and family friendly, Nobby’s is patrolled by Lifeguard Services Monday to Saturday all year round. Considered the most popular beach in the area, head down for a swim, an afternoon BBQ or to walk the dog along the sand.

Tip: Nobby’s is a great place to start for beginner surfers!

Merewether Beach

Home to Aussie surfing champions Mark Richards and Martin McMillan, Merewether offers surfing conditions for experienced riders. With a spectacular view of the surrounding cliff face, everything about Mereweather Beach is beautiful. From the golden sands to the cool blue water, it’s our pick of Newcastle beaches.

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Newcastle Beach

A game of Volleyball anyone? There will always be something happening on the shoreline of one of the country’s best surf locations. If you’re thinking of hitting multiple beaches, a stroll through the water and up to Nobby’s will take you the best part of 15 minutes.

Horseshoe Beach

A pet friendly paradise, Horseshoe is a reminder that our four-legged buddies love the beach just as much as us! Take the leash off, sit back, relax and let your furry friend run wild and free.

Accommodation in Newcastle

Ever arrived at a destination and felt like staying a little longer? Well, Newcastle is one of those places that will definitely have that effect on you. With new bars and coffee shops popping up all over the place and epic beaches to hang at during the day, you’ll soon discover your new favourite coastal haunt.

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