5 Simple Steps to Perfect Packing

Whether it’s a short weekend away with the girls, a family road trip or a romantic getaway, getting ready for your trip abroad can be a daunting task!

On top of organising someone to feed your three cats, walk your dog, take your bins out, water your fern, trim your hedges and drop the kids to school, you’ve got to pack. If you’re like most of the population and leave it to the last minute then please continue. Here are 5 Simple Steps to Perfect Packing to help lighten your load… Pun intended 😉 You might even find yourself with time to pack your carry-on luggage!

Count your under garments

Yeah, yeah this might seem like a no-brainer, but did you know the most common packing mistake is adequate underwear? If you’re away for 7 days then you need 7 pairs of underwear; not 3, not 13, 7!! (Or maybe 8 for emergencies.) It’s easy so just do it, trust us, you don’t want to be caught un(d)aware.

Study the weather

A great place to start your packing is by checking the weather at your intended destination. You’ll get an understanding of the temperature and just how many jumpers you actually need.

Check your itinerary

You’ve probably got a good idea of what you’ll be doing each day, so make sure you check your schedule to understand how many outfits you’ll need and make sure they’re appropriate for your activities. Don’t be the girl who packed high heels on the hiking holiday… there’s always one.

Do your research

If you know the restaurants you’ll be dining at then check out their vibe before you pack. A great way to get a visual is through checking their Instagram or reading online reviews.

Be ruthless

Once you’ve packed it’s a good idea to check your luggage and ensure every item serves a purpose. You can save a tonne of case space by packing only one of everything (except your under garments as outlined in step 1…). Chances are you’re only going to need one pair of denim jeans. Yes, even if they are different styles.

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