It’s time to grab you old Superman cape from out of the drawer, because the convention’s in town! Pop culture conventions are a place where the world of TV, movies, comics and video games combine to become the ultimate fan filled event! Jam packed with stores, cosplay (amazing dress ups!), celebrities, and all things nerdy, you will find someone out there who shares the same obsession with Daenerys Targaryen as you do! Don’t forget to book your stay with us on It’s time to assemble the squad and hit the convention!

1. Comic Con

Comic Con is perhaps the most well-known convention in the world, and this year it comes to Brisbane in September. Celebrities from popular TV shows and movies usually head down to meet fans, and for a small fee you can grab a picture and an autograph! There are many stores selling collectable toys, trading cards, books and games – something for everyone!

2. NerdMania

Up in Shepparton, the annual NerdMania event is scheduled at the end of July. Vendors from Melbourne, Yarrawonga and Bendigo will all descend to NerdMania to show off their extensive collection of collectables, some of which you’ll be able to purchase for yourself! Gaming stations will be set up, with retro classics such as the Nintendo 64, SNES and the SEGA Dreamcast available for visitors to play. Book your stay at one of these Shepparton hotels.


In Sydney, SMASH!, the ultimate Anime and Manga Convention will be held in August, where it will be a frenzy for all Japanese animation and comic enthusiasts! Anything and everything Anime and Manga will be showcased here, including a Maid Café straight from the alleyways of Tokyo! Now you can have a coffee while being served by a maid wearing cat ears – the dream. The cosplay event is not to be missed out on, with some entrants spending months on their costume, trying their hardest to emulate their favourite characters. Book your stay at one of these hotels located in Sydney.

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