We’re Crazy for These #QuokkaSelfies!

From the odd yet adorable platypus to the lazy and sleepy koala, Australia is home to many unique and wonderful animals.

Hiding away on Rottnest Island is another furry friend you might not have heard of before, the Quokka! This fluffy little fella is part of the marsupial family, with cousins such as kangaroos and wallabies.

The best thing about these cute critters is that they love interacting with humans! Quokka’s will happily bounce up to you and let you take a selfie with them. Here are a few of our favourite #QuokkaSelfies!

1) “Hey buddy, thanks for the leaf!”

2) “Can I nibble your nose, please?”

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3) “Oh hey, what are you doing?”

4) “What are you looking at!?”

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5) “WAHEY!”

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6) “Are you making fun of me!?”

7) “Mwah!”

8) “Is this good? Right here? Okay!”

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9) “Thanks for the biscuit my friend!”

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10) “Make sure you get my good side!”

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If you want to meet these handsome creatures, head down to Rottnest Island. Simply stay at one of our hotels on the coast for easy access to the ferry that takes you across to this hidden haven.