How to Reconnect with Nature on Your Holiday

Between technology, pollution and high rise buildings, our busy city lives often leave us feeling tired and stressed. While booking a much-needed short break is one way to relieve the stress, swapping one city for another will make us slip right back into our old frame of mind when we return. To really make the most of your getaway, it’s important to learn how to reconnect with nature. Not only will this help you to feel more relaxed and centred, but it is a healthy experience that comes nice and cheap.


Hit the trail

One of the most obvious ways to make the most of this great land is to go for a hike. Keep in mind that you can find a hike perfect for every fitness level and that some places, like Melbourne, have a number of beautiful nature walks close to the CBD. Walking through areas of lush greenery and feeling the occasional leaf brush against your fingertips will fill you with a sense of calm, while also giving you a solid workout. 


See the stars

One of the biggest drawbacks to city life is the lack of stars in our sky. Make the most out of a trip away from the light pollution with a night of star-gazing. Crack open a bottle of wine, roll out a blanket and watch the wonders of space twinkle before your eyes. If you’re so inclined, you can even spend a night sleeping under the stars – just be sure to rug up! 


Have an animal experience

Getting up close and personal with an animal that isn’t on a leash is one of the most exciting nature experiences you can have on holiday. Whether you’re hand feeding wallabies in a nature preserve, or swimming with dolphins in the ocean, going wild with your new animal friends will help you feel a sense of joy that will eclipse any stress you feel. 


Go barefoot

Walking around a city barefoot is not recommended or particularly hygienic, so as a result, we rarely find ourselves without our shoes outside our home. When was the last time you felt the sand between your toes, let them sit in flowing water or squelch in mud? On your next break get out into nature and remove those shoes if only for a few minutes and feel your connection with the earth beneath your feet deepen instantly. 



Meditation might not be for everyone, so by all means if you unwind by reading a book or simply sitting in silence then you do you. The important thing is that we disconnect from our phone, find a spot outside on the grass and breathe in the fresh air. By sitting on the grass with your back against a tree, you’ll be comfortable and physically connected with nature, while your brain is able to take on the calming energy of the world around you.

However you choose to unwind, find comfortable and convenient accommodation to make your holiday dreams a reality.

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