5 of the Best School Holiday Activities in South Australia

The school holidays are almost done, but if you’re out of ideas for the last week, we’ve got 5 of the best school holiday activities in South Australia. From excitement and adventure, to educational experiences – we have you covered!


Cleland National Park

This animal sanctuary is a great chance for the kids to get up close and personal to some of Australia’s cutest and furriest friends!

Art Gallery of South Australia

Inspire them early on, with fine paintings and sculptures from artists all over the world. There are even workshops held over the school holiday period which will teach your children to draw, etch and sketch using different mediums!

Melba’s Chocolate Factory

Get the kids hyped on sugar at one of Australia’s sweetest chocolate factories! They’ll be able to see the chocolate making process from start to finish, and even indulge in some free samples!

Winter Wonderland at the Bay

Unleash their inner Anna and Elsa as they skate and slide along the ice rink down at Mosley Square. If they’re feeling adventurous, they can even have a go at tobogganing down a 25m ice slide!

Scarecrow Making Competition 

The annual Scarecrow making competition is back again! Kids can let their imagination run wild as they paint, decorate and create the perfect Scarecrow!


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