After some travel tips to take you from amateur to advanced traveller? Here’s five to keep in mind while traversing the country. From booking hotels and finding the best room rates, to renting cars and utilising a portable Wi-Fi device, these handy tips will make your journey more efficient and most importantly, more enjoyable.

Hotel Rewards Programs

Always free to join, check out the rewards programs that hotels have on offer. If you travel frequently, Choice Hotels offers the ability to redeem points for room nights at their properties with the Choice Privileges Rewards Program. Collect them every time you stay, it’s that simple!

Room Rates

Even if you think you’re saving money on third party websites, it’s always better (and much safer!) to book direct! Contacting the property directly will sometimes lead to a better rate and even a better room. The more parties there are between you and the hotel, the more difficult it is to resolve problems when things go wrong! Hotel companies are more likely to offer extras to loyal customers, so jump on board!

Ask the Staff

Utilise the concierge, they’re more than happy to help! With their expertise and wealth of knowledge of the surrounding area, hit them up for advice or instructions – think great restaurants, public transport or landmark locations.

Car Rentals

If you’re planning on hitting the road during your short break and need to rent a car, make sure you read all the terms and conditions before you sign. It’s also a good idea to thoroughly inspect the vehicle before you drive away to spot any faults. If you’re unsure about the condition of the vehicle ask for an inspection report.

Stay Connected

Invest in a portable Wi-Fi dongle that lets you access the internet from wherever you are in the country. If you’re travelling around rural NZ, it might be hard to get reception let alone internet. With a pocket Wi-Fi device, you’ll never be stranded!

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