South of Perth: 4 Adventurous Road Trips

Is it time for a short break? Head south of Perth city for a weekend getaway. Unique wineries in Eagle Bay, a towering lighthouse in Augusta and an epic biking trail in Nannup all await – there’s so much to do on this road trip so you best buckle up!

1. Eagle Bay

257km – 2hr 50min

Hugging the coast tightly and passing through some of our favourite places like Bunbury and Busselton, Eagle Bay is just under three hours’ drive south of Perth. Meelup Beach should be your first stop off, with its soft white sands and clear blue water providing the perfect setting for midday stopover and, weather permitting, a dip in the water!

Some say this beach rivals those found in Bali, and if that isn’t more reason to visit, how about the fact that kangaroos visit late in the evening for a play! Cuteness overload, right?

Those looking for a cheeky red have come to the right place. Eagle Bay, part of the world famous Margaret River wine region, produces top notch wine in a picturesque location. Wise Wine overlooks multiple impressive vineyards, with a shot of the ocean in the distance providing a beautiful sight to sip your vino as you please. They offer over twenty types of wine, with the philosophy that one should be able to deliver quality products at an affordable price. Pop in for a tour and a tasting, you won’t regret it.

Those after a little outdoor exercise can try their hand at hiking Castle Rock, one of the area’s most iconic landmarks. The path starts off at a gentle gradient, but soon becomes steep and rocky – proper footwear and drinking water is a must. The climb itself isn’t dangerous, but extremely energy consuming, as you’re constantly climbing uphill for over 2kms.

There are two major rewards, both towards the end of the hike and both with spectacular views. The first is a viewing platform and the second, if you climb higher, is the Skywalk that gives you a clear sweeping view of the land below.


2. Augusta

316km – 3hr 20min

Situated on the south-west coast of WA, Augusta is a great option for those itching to get in some sight-seeing and explore the wilderness around them. The Blackwood River Foreshore provides amazing scenic walks along the riverbanks and shores.

It’s also a great spot to catch whiting and herring, and if you’re feeling generous, you can feed them to the flock of pelicans that make their home along the bay.

Those looking to go deeper into their exploration of the area should head to Jewel Cave, the state’s largest show cave, which features some of the longest straw stalactites in the entire world! Listen out for the calming sound of water droplets falling in the distance as you examine the remarkable geological formations that have been created here. A guided tour will take you about two hours and they’ll gladly share the interesting history of the cave and how it came to be.

Perfect for a pit stop, the mammoth Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse stands at 39 metres tall and sits on the most south-westerly tip of Australia, where the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. Climbing up to the top is encouraged, so remember to pack your camera! If you don’t feel like climbing all the way, you can opt to take a walk along the bay, or sit back and admire the giant watchtower as you dig into some lunch.

3. Nannup

266km – 2hr 50min

Before hitting Busselton, veer left and head down to Nannup, a small town and shire that has more than a few unique attractions to check out. If you’re a fan of cheese, and who isn’t let’s be honest, you’ll be in heaven at local delight Cambray Cheese.

Famous for their lush and velvety cheese, unbuckle the belt because you can try as much of this golden goodness as you like.

Work your way out of that cheese coma by opting for a refreshing bike ride along the Timberline Trail! This massive 37km track takes you across steady paths through a forest filled with wonderful wildflowers to lead the way. Start in Nannup and take the Munda Biddi trail right through to Cambray Siding, which is a straightforward and even grounded 15km stretch, before arriving at the 22km Timberline Trail, which takes you back to Nannup!

Immerse yourself in a sea of purple at the Nannup Lavender Farm! The owners here run classes where you can learn to make body products like soaps and bath oils from the lavender, or even learn to make jam and chutney in their tearoom. With plenty of walking trails along the farm, you’ll be able to follow the paths that take you around the gardens. Animals such as possums, owls and kangaroos make their home here, so keep an eye out for them too!


4. Albany

421km – 4hrs

Keep heading south-east for more adventures in Albany!