The spookiest ghost tours of Australia

Is there something strange in your neighbourhood? Australia’s colonial past is packed with eerie corners and haunting tales – so it’s no surprise that Australian ghost tours offer some of the world’s most spine-tingling experiences. From the dim, dark rooms of Beechworth Asylum to the eerie corridors of Old Melbourne Gaol, these tours promise thrilling and memorable encounters with mystery, history and a touch of the supernatural. Get ready for a journey through Australia’s most haunted locations! 

Spine-chilling Beechworth Asylum ghost tours

Chilling scenes from the Beechworth Asylum. Image from Beechworth Asylum.

If the walls at the historic Beechworth Asylum in Victoria could talk, they’d have some unnerving tales to tell. Also known as the Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum, the historic psychiatric hospital ran from 1867 until 1995, and is considered one of Australia’s most haunted locations. Take a guided ghost tour if you dare through the asylum’s dark corridors and eerie wards and hear chilling stories from its long history, as well as urban myths and tales of the supernatural.

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Sydney Quarantine Station 

Q Station, Manly. Image from Sydney Quarantine Station.

Tucked away in scenic bushland with stunning views of Sydney Harbour, the historic Quarantine Station in Manly is a picturesque site to stroll around by day. A former quarantine facility for arriving immigrants from 1828 to 1984, the heritage buildings are now home to a hotel and conference centre. But after dark, the heritage-listed ‘Q-Station’ takes on an ominous feel, with one of the most spine-tingling ghost tours in Sydney. Wander through the historic and haunted hospital precinct and the Gravediggers Cottage on your hunt for ghostly sightings and unexplained phenomena.

Where to stay

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Old Melbourne Gaol 

Old Melbourne Gaol Ghost tours! Image from Visit Victoria.

Discover the dark history behind the famous bluestone walls of the Old Melbourne Gaol, Melbourne’s oldest and most notorious prison. Once home to the state’s most dangerous criminals, the historic 19th-century prison is famous for the hanging execution of Ned Kelly, one of 135 prisoners hung on the site. Take a step back in time on one of the best ghost tours Melbourne has to offer – such as a nightly ghost tour, a walk to the dreaded gallows or a tour that dares you to be shut inside one of the dark, tomb-like cells.

Where to stay

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Ghost tours Ballarat 

Come see the Ballarat Ghost Tour. Image from Visit Victoria.

Paranormal enthusiasts and the gold-rush town of Ballarat have plenty of tales to tell. Get to hear them on a Ballarat Ghost Tour. The lantern-lit walk Old Cemetary Night Tour will thrill you with stories of the gold rush era, notorious criminals, tragic events, and ghostly sightings. Set against the backdrop of Ballarat’s Gothic-inspired architecture, you can also explore the town’s underground buildings, back alleyways and be part of a paranormal investigation in Aradale’s abandoned Lunatic Asylum. Who going to call?

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Spooky South Brisbane Cemetery ghost tour 

Brave a nocturnal walk among the Gothic headstones, tombs and crypts of one of Queensland’s grandest Victorian-era cemeteries at the South Brisbane Cemetery. A Brisbane ghost tour like no other, the friendly guides include cemetery and paranormal historians who share fascinating folklore of local ghost stories and things that go bump in the night. Explore parts of the famous burial site you’d never dare to venture in alone!

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