Situated in the spectacular Limestone Coast Region, Mount Gambier South Australia is the perfect destination for anyone either enjoying the stunning road trip between Melbourne or Adelaide or looking for a memorable getaway. From the blue brilliance of the volcanic lakes to the rolling vineyards, top-notch restaurants and inventive breweries, there’s plenty to explore. Get ready for some of the best things to do in Mount Gambier!

Breathtaking natural attractions

The Blue Lake

The stunning Blue Lake. Image from Jaxon Foale.

Situated between three extinct volcano craters, Mount Gambier’s breathtaking Blue Lake is a dazzling testament to the region’s ancient beauty. Gaze upon the serene cobalt blue as you enjoy a 45-minute walk along the surrounding walking trail. Between November and March, the underground limestone makes this attraction exceptionally vibrant. Take in the view from one of the many lookouts.

Umpherston Sinkhole

The incredible Umpherston Sinkhole. Image from Offroad Images.

A beloved local gem, the Umpherston Sinkhole is an enchanting sunken garden created from the relics of a famous limestone cave. Take in its impressive size and depth from the viewing platforms at the top or explore the sinkhole itself along terraces and winding pathways. You’ll also find a sheltered area with barbecue facilities and an on-site kiosk.

Incredible Cave Experiences

The Naracoorte Caves National Park are a must visit when at Mount Gambier. Image from South Australian Tourism Commission & Adam Bruzzone.

Immerse yourself in a natural wonderland of nature and ancient history. Extending beneath the length of the town, Engelbrecht Caves is an underground system of water-filled tunnels open to divers and with accessible pathways to walk. Take a 45-minute tour with a guide. The Naracoorte Caves are another must-see with a huge range of experiences containing Australia’s most complete fossil record across several ice ages. See evidence of the first human arrival in the area and traces of iconic megafauna 60,000 years ago.

Gateway to local art and history 

Centenary Tower

Visit the Centenary Tower on your next visit to Mount Gambier. Image from South Australia.Back in 1904 Mount Gambier’s Centenary Tower welcomed its first visitors, and today it stands as a landmark and viewpoint of the surrounding area. The Tower also boasts a fascinating collection of photographs capturing the Lakes area as it appeared over a century ago. Visit the Centenary Tower and you’ll also be rewarded with stunning views of Blue Lake at the top.

Riddoch Art Gallery

Art enthusiasts will love the Riddoch Art Gallery, a vibrant space that showcases contemporary and traditional Australian art. Explore a diverse range of exhibitions, from paintings to sculptures and multimedia installations. The gallery often hosts workshops and events that allow you to engage with local artists from around Mount Gambier South Australia.

Memorable dining experiences


Treat yourself to an unforgettable dining experience at one of the best restaurants in Mount Gambier. Situated at one of the highest points of Mount Gambier, Thyme@theLakes is a fine dining establishment is home to a great wine list and haute cuisine, from lamb shoulder and pork belly to standout vegetarian and seafood.

The Barn Steakhouse

With a rustic yet elegant interior that exudes classic country charm, Barn Steakhouse is a local establishment that pairs great Limestone Coast wines with steaks sourced from the local Hereford. Whether you prefer your steak rare or well-done, a meal here is a guaranteed experience.

Metro Bakery and Cafe

For a casual experience, the charming Metro Bakery and Cafe offers European-styled delights from traditional homemade pastries and sandwiches to a relaxed bar. Settle into this comfortable space and Indulge in a coffee brewed from locally roasted beans while you’re there.

Where to stay

Just a short four-hour drive from Adelaide or a five-hour drive from Melbourne, Comfort Inn The Lakes is on the edge of the Crater Lakes with spectacular views of the area. Enjoy attractions on your doorstep, from immersive Umpherston sinkhole history to that Blue Lake Mount Gam