The Wine Tour on Waiheke Island is the perfect place to get acquainted with one of the most picturesque settings you’ll ever see, while consuming a glass of vino.

The island of Waiheke is a beautiful and secluded place, with sub-tropical weather conditions and takes the old adage When it rains, it pours, literally. But when it’s bright and sunny, it is one of those places you’ll be telling your friends about for years to come.

The world famous wines on the island are backed up by one of the best wine tours in New Zealand- a must do for all wine enthusiasts.

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In the capable hands of Wayne Eagleton and Jean Goodbrand, the founders of the Waiheke Island Wine Tour, you will have the opportunity to explore three different, but equally incredible wineries, each with its own history (and special drops) for you to absorb.

Your first stop will be the Casita Miro, a whimsical restaurant where you’re able to enjoy tapas accompanied with carefully picked wine. Inspired by the cuisine of Spain, the large portions are perfect for sharing with others, offering a great social dining experience.

Next up, you will be taken to explore two other wineries, the Obsidian and the Stonebridge, where you will learn about the properties of fine wine, and just how much work goes into crafting some of the best vino on the island.

With their expert experience, Wayne and Jean have created one of the most highly regarded tours on Waiheke Island, striving to create a personalised adventure for every participant and, making sure the experience is one to remember.

Onetangi Beach 

Pencil it into the calendar! Every year at the end of February, the island of Waiheke hosts the annual Onetangi Beach Race. The soft, white sand is an inviting prospect for entrants to participate in many different types of races, ranging from homemade chariots and tractors, to traditional horse racing.

TIP: We recommend basing yourself in Auckland before catching a ferry to Waiheke Island on your day trip. A list of accommodation options are available here.

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