Tips for planning a multi-generational holidays

Whether you’re organising a family reunion or an extended holiday with relatives, multi-generational holidays are a great way to bring family together. But they can also require some extra planning to make sure everyone has their needs met – with the flexibility to ensure no one is left out of the fun. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be hard work. Just follow our simple steps on how to plan a family holiday!

Designate a holiday planner

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If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you may already be the one doing the organising. Think of it as being the ‘holiday maestro’ – the central point of planning that orchestrates a harmonious, memorable and inclusive holiday (more tips about these below). The planner plays an important role in keeping the group organised during the trip itself, and making sure everyone is aware of the day-to-day plans, activities and changes to schedule – as well as the options that are open to everyone. 

Get group input 

A generational holiday is a must in a lifetime trip

Start preparing for the holiday by asking members of the group what type of trip they would like to go on and what sort of experience they hope to have. How long should the trip be? Are there any family holiday destinations they would like to add to an initial list? Also ask if they have any concerns. You may find some family members are worried about physical limitations, time constraints, or about the cost. Get all those issues out in the open.

Choose an inclusive destination

Get the whole family involved with a trip away!

Once it comes down to narrowing down and choosing a destination, look for options that capture your family’s initial wishlist – with a wide range of activities to cater to varying interests and physical capabilities. For example, it might be a good idea to look for places that have a good mix of cultural attractions, outdoor adventures and fun activities for kids so you can cater for everyone and tick multiple boxes. 

Consider travel arrangements

Another key consideration is how you plan to get there. Is flying an option? If you plan to travel by road, how far can everyone comfortably travel in a vehicle in the time frame you have available? Will you all comfortably fit in one vehicle, or do you need to take two (or hire a larger vehicle)? Choose transportation options that are convenient and comfortable for all family members. Consider the ease of travel for older family members and the entertainment options for children. 

Respect individual budgets

It’s time to hit the road with the family.

One of the most important steps when planning multi-generational travel is to ensure that all group members are comfortable with the cost. Different generations may have different financial constraints, so when planning, keep in mind the budgetary limitations of some family members. Prepare a budget with as many costs as you can think of. That includes budgeting for petrol (if needed), accommodation, meals, activities and attractions. You can find some extra tips here

Meal plan in advance

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Meals can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of group travel. That’s why it’s extra important to plan where you are going to eat, to ensure dietary requirements are met and meals are enjoyed by the entire family. Enquire about dietary requirements, research cuisine options close to your hotel, and make group bookings well in advance to avoid disappointment. Having some flexibility in the menu allows for adjustments.

Find Accommodations for all ages

Nothing beats a family vacation!

Choosing the right accommodation for multi-generational travel is crucial. While ‘together-time’ is important on a trip like this, so is the ‘me-time’! When selecting accommodations, consider the comfort and convenience of all generations – whether its private apartments, boutique lodgings or properties that offer amenities such as child-friendly spaces, accessible rooms and entertainment options for both the young and the elderly. 

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