Braving the Kiwi Cold this Winter

Winter is… well and truly here.

While most of the country is currently lying dormant under the cool cloud that is winter, some of our northern counterparts are seeing some sunlight. If you’re one of the many pining for a bit of the sun’s sweet, sweet Vitamin D filled rays, we’ve got a few of tips to help get you through the rest of winter unscathed.


1. Stay active

Can’t fathom heading out into the cold without some serious layers on? Think exercising in the cold is some sort of unusual punishment? Well, you might be right, but it helps to stay active. Exercise is proven to have huge mental health benefits and assists in general well-being and better sleeping patterns. Find some ways you can trade the car for your favourite pair of joggers.

2. Put some D in your diet

Lack of sunlight can lead to Vitamin D deficiency, which can take you down the path to all sorts of health problems. If you find yourself stuck inside most of the day, every day, try introducing some new foods to your diet. Go on, grab some Vitamin D rich foods – we’re talking mushrooms, salmon, eggs and cheddar cheese!

3. Keep hydrated

Your body will tolerate the cold better if you keep hydrated, and no, we’re not suggesting the vino variety. Due to the evaporation process, cold air strips the body of moisture, so it’s hard to feel warm when you don’t have enough liquids in you. It’s important to drink a sufficient amount of water and warm yourself up with a nice cup of antioxidant-rich tea! Remember, when you’re dehydrated, your body can’t concentrate on sustaining a safe core temperature.

4. Break it up

If those winter blues have well and truly set in and the above aren’t helping motivate you to stick it out, you’re going to need a short break. The answer? Northland’s Tutukaka – where the sun shines brighter and the days are a little bit warmer. Picturesque coastline and great food are all part of the package up north. And what better way to get some Vitamin D back in the system and break up the cooler months.

Nothing left to do now than to book your accommodation a stone’s throw from the pristine waters of the Tutukaka Coast.


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