There must be something in the water that makes New Zealand one of the best places for seafood in the world. It’s no secret that the most succulent oysters and the freshest fish are found here, so we’ve put together a short list that has a little something for everybody – from crabs to calamari, we’ve got it covered!

1. Oyster and Chop

A restaurant that prides itself on providing the best oysters in the country, and, depending on the season, the Oyster Bar offers up to ten different types for you to sample.

TRY: Bluff – the most flavoursome oyster in the world, available between March and August.

2. Fish

With a name like that, one can only assume that when it comes to fish, they know what they’re doing. The combined work of Nourish Group’s Chief Executive Chef, Gareth Stewart, and FISH Head Chef, Fraser Shenton, has resulted in a menu that highlights the freshest flavours of fish with their unique twist.

TRY: Cured Akaroa Salmon, pickled cucumber, tonic jelly and fennel pollen

3. The Crab Shack

You guessed it, this place specialises in all things crab, showcasing the hard hitting flavours that the tasty crustacean can offer. Combine that with a hint of chilli or jalapeno crème, The Crab Shack have their dishes down to a fine art.

TRY: Jona Crab Claws – with lemongrass, chilli tomato sauce, spring onion and crispy shallots

4. Harbourside Ocean Bar & Grill

After a quick seafood fix? Look no further.. Most of the snack items here are battered and deep fried, meaning they’re golden, crunchy and extra tasty!

TRY: Salmon skewers, prawn skewers, and the calamari rings