Sydney is home to a whole host of dessert destinations, ranging from cakes and ice cream, to milkshakes and crepes! We have hand-picked five places to hit you right in the sweet spot.


Kurtosh House

Ever wondered what a traditional Hungarian dessert tastes like? This is exactly what Kurtosh specialise in, providing mouth-watering pastry delights known as ‘chimney cake’.

A caramelized shell sprinkled with pistachios encases a cylinder of soft dough that twists into a delicate spiral-shaped pastry – crispy, gooey and irresistible.


Koi Bar

Driven by seasonal produce, KOI re-invents the classics by putting their own modern spin on things. If you’re after a sophisticated dining experience, then sit back and let these intricate dishes take you to another dimension.


‘COCONUT’ – Coconut and yogurt with chocolate, alsmon sand, passion fruit curd, mango and kaffir lime dust.

‘AUTUMN FOREST’ – Soft toasted milk chocolate filled log with chocolate soil, yogurt, caramel gel, porcini potato chips, fried shiitake mushrooms and Applewood ice cream.

My kind of fruit at KOI ???

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Café Ananas

Remember watching Alice in Wonderland and imagining how delicious the desserts looked at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party? Well imagine no more – Everything you find at Ananas is right out of the fairy tale!

French desserts meet an Italian twist, with classic favourites such as the Tarte Tatin being infused with both caramelised apples and hazelnut brittle, before being topped with Tonka bean ice cream.

TRY: Vanilla Crème Brulee with Raspberry Sorbet


Aqua S

Hailed as Sydney’s tastiest soft serve, AQUA S has taken the traditional cone to a whole new level, with flavours changing every fortnight!

You want to know what dreams are made of? Try a fluffy bed of fairy floss surrounding a swirl of sea salt, decorated with popcorn and popping candy, and then topped off with a grilled marshmallow. Drooling yet? We thought so.



What’s better than a doughnut? How about a cronut! A doughnut shaped pastry that’s made from croissant-like dough,filled with cream and then deep fried in oil. Is your mouth watering yet?

Now, crank that up a notch and fill it with even MORE cream, top it up with chocolates, sprinkles, Fruit Loops, Oreos and literally any other type of candy you can think of.

#throwback to the best pancakes ever ???

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