Winter blues getting you down? Tired of battling the unrelenting winter elements and desperately seeking the solace of a weekend getaway? Then look no further than the sunshine state and the Garden City of Toowoomba. 



A mere one and a half hour drive from Brisbane, Toowoomba is one of Queensland’s premier provincial cities. Situated adjacent to the fertile Lockyer Valley on the Great Dividing Range, Toowoomba and Darling Downs presents visitors with a rich cultural experience as well as a vibrant art and food scene. There are many Toowoomba attractions and activities for everyone to enjoy!



Whether you’re planning some weekend R&R or an outdoor adventure, Toowoomba has it all.

There are many Toowoomba attractions that offer a release from fast paced and hectic city living. It’s the ideal place to unwind, relax and experience the very best of what regional Queensland has to offer.

An area renowned for its parks and gardens, scenic views, museums and gourmet food and wine culture, Toowoomba and Darling Downs is a region of stunning and spectacular natural beauty that will surprise and delight in equal measure.

As Queensland’s flower capital, there are several gardens and parks worth discovering including: the city’s centrepiece, Queens’s Park, the diverse three kilometres of paths found at the Japanese Garden and the Newton Park State Rose Garden which boasts more than 1,500 roses of all shapes, sizes and colours.

A trip to Crows Nest Falls and the Valley of Diamonds should be mandatory on every itinerary, while an end of day sunset picnic at the breathtaking Picnic Point overlooking the Lockyer Valley is an experience not to be missed.



History buffs and those with a passion for local knowledge are in for a treat at the superb Cobb & Co. Museum. Home to the National Carriage Collection, the museum features 50 full sized horse-drawn vehicles as well as galleries noting the natural and cultural history of the region. From blacksmithing and silver smithing to lead lighting and millinery, the museum is a treasure trove for those with an interest in discovering the origins of this great region of Australia.

Currently in the midst of a cultural renaissance, Toowoomba has seen an explosion of interest in its food, coffee and art scene in recent years. As a result, the city has seen the emergence of a distinctive and unique cultural identity complete with graffiti covered laneways, pop up coffee shops and innovative and insightful art galleries. It all adds up to a city centre full of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

Jam-packed with an eclectic and diverse range of cultural and artistic experiences, Toowoomba’s event calendar is designed to cater for the most varied of tastes. Some popular events and things to do in Toowoomba include the annual Easterfest, September’s Carnival of Flowers, hobby craft markets as well as numerous musical and theatre productions at the magnificently restored art deco style Empire Theatre.


Accommodation in Toowoomba

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