Top Tips for Travelling with a Toddler

Travelling with a toddler, to most, seems like an almost impossible task. Toddlers tend to be difficult to control on a good day let alone in a confined space, strapped to your lap and with next to zero form of entertainment! Seems like something a crazy person would do, right? Well, sometimes you’re left with no option (or your only alternative is sitting in a car seat for 4 times the length of time, and let’s face it, that really IS impossible). So we thought we’d give you a hand with these top tips to make flying with a toddler a little easier!


1. Pack stickers

Why stickers you ask? Well, they’re silent, you can stick them everywhere in the cabin without risk of being charged with defacing public property and if they’re left behind, they can be put in the bin!


2. Get up and move during the flight

If you sense your toddler is about to chuck a tanti, why not take him or her for a walk up and down the hall? Moving around will hopefully help them forget what they were ever unhappy about!


3. Request an extra seat

When you’re checking in, it doesn’t hurt to ask if there’s any empty seats on your flight. If you’re lucky, use the space to set up a play station for you and your toddler.



If there’s one form of bribary that never seems to fail… It’s food! When travelling with a toddler, it helps if you come prepared with their favourite snacks. Before the flight, show your babe your stash as an incentive to be on his/her best behaviour.


5. Movies

Netflix’ new feature now allows you to pre-download movies and TV shows to watch offline. We recommend exploring this and pre-downloading your toddlers favourite shows/movies. Chuck on a pair of headphones and bob’s your uncle!


6. Pack Baby wipes

Baby wipes are a non-negotiable travel essential. When it comes to flying with a toddler, baby wipes are more crucial than a second set of underwear, than your reading material, than your earplugs… they may even be more of an essential than your baby itself… Ok maybe not, but you get the point. These bad boys can be used not JUST for your toddlers mess, but also your own (because let’s face it, you’re bound to spill those extra glasses of wine you’re going to need to get through this!)


7. Finally, stay calm.

Happy mum/dad = happy bub! If you remain calm, relaxed and happy then chances are so will your toddler. If your toddler decides to play up, don’t freak out as this can create a ‘scene’. Just remember- we were all children once upon a time!


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