It’s no secret that reconnecting with nature has been heralded as a stress reliever. And when you combine that with some accidental cardio, you’ve got yourself a recipe for mental well-being.

Here in New Zealand, we’re extremely lucky to have our country filled with breathtaking natural beauty, and the best way to see all this for yourself is to explore the plethora of trails both the North and the South has to offer. We’ve compiled a list of tracks for all levels of ability and experience to get you going!

Mount Cook National Park

Nestled deep in the South Island near the town of Twizel, this adventure-lover’s playground offers a range of walking trails, from 3-4 hours to 2-3 days!

Red Tarns Track

Taking you roughly two hours to complete, wander by the many red weed filled ponds, of which the track is named after, for a spectacular panorama of the valley.

Hooker Valley Track

One of the most popular and picturesque walks in the area, adventurers should allow around four hours (return) to experience the untouched landscape.

Awarua-Waitana Wetlands

With sea on one side and forest on the other, the Waitana Wetlands offer explorers a unique ecosystem that has played an important part in shaping New Zealand’s culture.

Wetland Loop Track

Discover the 5km track (from start to finish) at your own pace – take the boardwalk through the manuka wetland and surrounding lagoons. Keep an eye out for the wildfowl and school of trout that inhabit the area!

Te Whara Track

An adventure that follows an ancient Maori trail, Te Whara track starts from Urquharts Bay and continues through to Ocean Beach; plan for roughly five hours on your feet.

What’s the old adage? Big risk, big reward? There’s nothing like climbing up rocky ridges and through coastal forests to the spectacular view of Bream Head summit!

TIP: Pack plenty of water and take in the view with a rewarding rest – a perfect spot for photos!

Maratoto: Wires Track

Located in Coromandel Forest Park, the Maratoro track will lead you through dense forest before revealing two magnificent waterfalls – we didn’t say it would be easy, this well marked track will take you six hours there and back.

Mount Tutamoe Track

Trek through the Kaihu Forest and up the pine plantation to be rewarded with a gorgeous panoramic view atop Mount Tutamoe – allow just three hours to see the sights that have been raved about for years!

Murchison Day Walks

If you’re after the whole gamut of sights and sounds, look no further than Murchison –

Waterfalls? Check.

Forests? Check.

Creeks? Check.

Secret swimming spots? So at one with nature it’s not funny? Check, check, check!

Skyline Walk

An uphill climb that will take you zigzagging through forest, once you reach the skyline you’ll overlook a gigantic gorge – a small reward for your big effort!

Johnsons Creek

Follow a flowing creek, eventually leading you to the toe of a big slip – the result of the Murchison earthquake in 1929.

Maruia Falls Track

Your short 5 minute descent down the Maruia River bank will lead you to the magnificent Maruia Falls, a highlight of the area.

Warning: Look, don’t touch – people have lost their lives climbing over the barrier above the waterfall.