Make Your Perfect Winter Escape to Mildura

It’s easy to get stuck in a holiday rut, for example always heading to the coast or spending all your holidays in major cities. Australia’s array of holiday options is almost limitless and luckily Choice Hotels nearly always has a hotel nearby so you can be confident of a good night’s sleep and clean, good value accommodation wherever you go.

So, when you’re booking your winter holiday this year, why not break out of that rut and try somewhere a bit different? We’ve done some research and found the perfect location for a winter holiday that won’t break the bank and has so much on offer, you won’t be able to fit it all in. Book your stay in Mildura today.

Mildura, Victoria is like a dessert oasis

Known for its rich soil, grape production and agricultural industry the region is surrounded by dessert and accessed by long stretches of straight road. The town is built around the mighty Murray River that has been used to irrigate the surrounding landscape, turning it into the fertile, fruitful land it is today. The bountiful local produce and active wine making industry make Mildura the perfect winter holiday destination for foodies and wine buffs.

The ideal Mediterranean climate and the lush soil has seen the Mildura region grow to become the second largest wine region in Australia with over 20 wineries, most of which have a cellar door open for wine tasting. As great wine and great food goes together so well, many of the wineries also boast restaurants showcasing the local wines and produce.

There are several ways to get around the wineries, by car, organised tours, and local buses or even by boat. The Discover Tastes tour run by local company Discover Mildura, takes you to a selection of cellar doors along with farm gates so that you can taste the local wine, produce and gourmet products.

If you’re into your fishing then hooking a Murray Cod is probably on your bucket list. These elusive giants of the river can grow to an astounding 1.8 metres long, with most adults regularly reaching over a metre in length.  Their numbers have decreased dramatically since European settlement due to over-fishing, so getting one onto your hook is a little like finding a needle in a haystack for the inexperienced. But what keen fisherman doesn’t like a challenge?

The Murray itself provides endless opportunities for recreation including kayaking, boating, paddleboat rides, skiing, swimming and of course fishing. Mildura is also known for its love of motor sports like V8 Supercars, Superbikes and ski racing and the local Mildura Horse Racing Club hosts a popular 11 meets a year. Sports enthusiasts can also enjoy a round of golf, game of tennis, bowls and more.

Mildura is a hub for the arts and local galleries are full of the work of both local artists and travelling exhibitions, there are several galleries to visit including one at the Mildura Arts Centre which also houses a regional theatre and sculpture park. If you have a love for Art Deco architecture, the Mildura Art Deco Walking Tour is a great way to explore the local Art Deco buildings at your own pace.

The surrounding one million hectares of National Parks in the Mildura area boast many rare and amazing natural formations, some unique to the area. Pink salt lakes, ancient dunes, rare birds, abundant flora and fauna and fossils are just some of the features of the region and many days can be spent touring the parks and learning about their indigenous history. For the uninitiated Mildura may seem an odd choice for a winter holiday, but with activities ranging from water sports and motor sports, to food and wine tasting and visiting art galleries, there is truly something to keep everyone happy.

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