Ahh, Melbourne weather.

One minute your lips are blue, teeth chattering and toes numb, and the next you’re a sweaty mess and considering suing Rexona for false advertising on their Clinical Protection range.

It’s no secret that Melbourne was voted the most liveable city in the world seven years in a row, but if not for the Melbourne weather then What?! Maybe it’s how close and easy-to-access the airport is from the CBD?. Maybe it’s the overpriced coffee ??. Or maybe it’s the fact it takes 4 hours to drive 4km during peak hour ???. Ok, unlikely…


We think it’s because of these amazing weekend getaway locations that surround it.

1. Bendigo

Bendigo is perfect for a weekend getaway in Victoria, especially if you live in Melbourne. Less than a 2-hour drive away, it’s a great way to get out of the city and escape the Melbourne weather… especially during winter. There’s plenty of cosy spots to eat, galleries to see and activities to explore. Book your stay at ChoiceHotels.com.

2. Wangaratta

Without making this all about food you should arrive hungry because you’re probably going to want to just eat your way through Wangaratta. Visit the Milawa Gourmet Region and its eight wineries, stroll through the age-old supermarket and enjoy cheeses at Rinaldo’s Cassa Cucina… We’ll let you decide.

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3. Swan Hill

This a must-visit on anyone’s list of weekend getaways in Victoria. Swan Hill is full of cultural attractions like the regional art gallery, the Pioneer Settlement museum, and the Flying Boat Museum. Plenty of quaint cafes to try and (if the sun is out) golf courses!

4. Port Fairy

A great stopover destination if you’re on your way out of Victoria all together, or just looking for an excuse to get out of Melbourne. It may seem like a bit of a hike, but trust us, the juice is worth the squeeze.

5. Mansfield Victoria

Well you can’t ski in Melbourne, that’s for sure! So if you really want to make the most of the winter weather in Victoria then get to Mansfield for a bit of winter sport heaven. Mansfield’s convenient proximity to some of Victoria’s best ski fields means you can take day trips up your mountain of choice. But it’s more than just a ski town, there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied on your winter weekend away!

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