Walk through treetops overlooking breathtaking scenery, explore cathedral-sized caves and relax by the river with a glass in hand. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take much to make it all happen. Rockhampton offers great value on every level, whether you’re heading off on a spur of the moment or planning ahead for a family getaway. Open your doors to an abundance of free and accessible natural attractions, easy-to-plan adventures and relaxing bars and restaurants. Rockhampton is calling!

Discover a world of outdoor adventure

Take a tour through the limestone caves at Capricorn Caves! Image from Tourism and Events Queensland.

Embracing the glittering Fitzroy River alongside waterside gardens and parks, there are plenty of stunning places to visit Rockhampton style. Start by exploring a slice of tropical paradise in the Rockhampton Botanical Gardens. Situated in the heart of town, this huge sanctuary is home to free rainforest and garden trails. Next door you’ll find the Rockhampton Zoo, home to over 100 species of Australian and exotic animals. 

For spectacular wilderness in every direction, the Mount Archer (Nurim) National Park is an essential Rockhampton experience. At the Mount Archer lookout Rockhampton opens a stunning panorama of the city and surrounding countryside. Marvel at the sights from the elevated Nurim Circuit treetop boardwalk, extending 25 metres off Mount Archer alongside descriptions of local indigenous Darumbal history. 

Only half an hour from town, the Capricorn Caves are one of Queensland’s most captivating attractions. Book one of the many discovery tours with an experienced guide and delve into the stories behind these spectacular formations. Another way to get close to Rockhampton’s treasures is by casting a line into the Fitzroy River – this stretch is famed for its prized barramundi fishing. Good luck!

Explore Heritage and culture

Take a tour through the limestone caves! Take a tour through the limestone caves! Image from Tourism and Events Queensland.
Be sure to stop by Rockhampton Museum of Art. Image Take a tour through the limestone caves! Image from Tourism and Events Queensland.

Art and history take a front seat in Rockhampton, and many free things to do in Rockhampton take you deep into the town’s rich cultural stories. Explore the Rockhampton Museum of Art – entry is free and you won’t forget the huge local, historic and contemporary art gallery Rockhampton creatively curates, with works from Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd and Judy Cassab.

Surrounded by acreages of bushland, the fascinating Rockhampton Heritage Village is a complete trip throught time. Take a wander amongst the homesteads, cottages and timber cutters’ camp.  You’ll also discover an immersive homage to yesteryear at the Archer Park Rail Museum, which houses 1930s buildings and artefacts, including the last restored tram to serve Rockhampton. 

The Dreamtime Cultural Centre houses some of the incredible indigenous stories and artworks that beat at the heart of the region. Located on the northern side of Limestone Creek, by native trees and a large waterfall, this centre offers a colourful glimpse into the activities and impact of local Aboriginal culture. It is also home to the traditional ceremonial rings of the Darambul Tribe.

Enjoy great food and drink

Take a stroll through Riverside Walk, Rockhampton. Image from Tourism and Events Queensland.

Rockhampton’s food and wine scene is thriving, with delicious experiences to suit every taste. Overlooking the Fitzroy River, TruFusion Indian Bar & Grill is a popular subcontinental dining experience with a great range of whiskies and local beers. For a riverside dining experience, it’s hard to beat Riverside Restaurant & Bar. From quality-sourced beef to a huge variety of succulent fish dishes, this much-loved diner offers a great a la carte menu.  

Looking for a late-night tipple? O’Dowds Hotel is a great Irish bar with music, food and banter. The Goat at Night also has you sorted for music and memories, with local and international DJ lineups and a well-stocked bar. 

Where to stay

No matter what you’re planning, you can’t go wrong with Quality Hotel Regent Rockhampton. This beautifully refurbished, heritage-listed building is just a short walk from restaurants, bars and the stunning Rockhampton waterfront. 

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