Nestled in the heart of the Riverina region, Griffith emerges as a cultural and culinary oasis, inviting visitors to savour the flavours of its vineyards, explore its rich agricultural landscapes, and immerse themselves in a community that celebrates its Italian heritage. Located a 6-hour drive southwest of Sydney, Griffith charms with its warm hospitality, thriving food and wine scene, and a tapestry of experiences that showcase the town’s unique character.

Vineyards and Wine Tasting

Griffith stands as the beating heart of the Riverina wine region, renowned for its vineyards and exceptional wine offerings. Embark on a journey along the Riverina Wine Trail, where family-owned wineries and cellar doors beckon with the promise of wine tastings amidst picturesque vineyard landscapes.

Visit the iconic De Bortoli Wines, a stalwart in the Australian wine scene, where tastings of award-winning wines are complemented by insightful tours. The boutique wineries, such as Yarran Wines and McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate, offer a more intimate setting for discovering the nuances of Riverina wines.

Culinary Delights and Italian Flavors

Griffith’s culinary scene is a gastronomic journey, blending local produce with traditional Italian flavours. Indulge in a culinary adventure at Limone Dining, where Chef Luke Piccolo creates dishes that showcase the best of Riverina’s seasonal produce. The restaurant’s commitment to sustainability adds an eco-conscious touch to the dining experience.

For a more casual atmosphere, visit Bertoldo’s Gelato Mio, where artisanal gelato and sorbet are crafted with care. The gelateria’s offerings are a sweet testament to Griffith’s Italian influence, providing a delightful treat for visitors exploring the town.

Local Tips for an Authentic Experience

Take a stroll through Griffith’s Banna Avenue, the town’s main street, lined with charming boutiques, cafes, and local shops. The avenue is not only a shopping hub but also a cultural melting pot, reflecting the diversity and creativity of the community.

Participate in a cooking class or food tour to deepen your appreciation for the town’s culinary offerings. Local guides and chefs often share insights into the art of Italian cooking and the significance of locally sourced ingredients. Exploring the Pioneer Park Museum’s 30 historically significant buildings makes for a fun and informative day out, while the Griffith Regional Art Gallery is one of New South Wales’ leading galleries, offering an impressive culture hit with up to 10 exhibitions annually. For those keen to explore the outdoors, Griffith is renowned for The Hermit’s Cave, a heritage-listed series of stone structures and exotic plants that stretches for more than a kilometre across Scenic Hill.

Griffith promises a journey that tantalises the senses and celebrates the town’s unique blend of agriculture, heritage, and hospitality. Start your adventure with Choice Hotels Griffith accommodation.

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