Located in the north-west arm of Western Australia lies the distinct city of Karratha. It might not be a place on everyone’s hit list, but after these quick facts it’ll be on there in no time.

1) The name derives from a station of the same name, which means ‘good country’ or ‘soft earth’ in Aboriginal.

2) Karratha’s weather can be described as hot, with a semi-arid, almost desert-like climate. 

3) Located 1,535 kilometres north of Perth, Karratha is situated on the North West Coastal Highway, right in the middle of the Central Pilbara Coast. First established in the 1960’s thanks to the ever growing iron ore industry, today it stands as a modern town and a base for exploring the 42 islands of the Dampier Archipelago.

4) Speaking of Dampier – just 20 kilometres west of Karratha, this port town is not only the largest tonnage shipping port in Australia, but is also home to the ‘Red Dog’ memorial, a tribute to the Western Australia’s favourite canine pal.

5) The Jaburara Heritage Trail takes you down the path of the ancient Jaburara people and their story, giving you a look at the largest collection of Aboriginal rock engravings known to the country.

6) Visit between April and October when a full moon is occurring and you’ll get to witness the legendary “Staircase to the Moon”. Arrive at sunset at Hearson’s Cove, and see the moon gradually rise over the low tide mudflats, creating this unique optical illusion.

7) One of the best places for a feed is the Karratha Tavern. Grab a succulent steak and a pint of refreshing beer as you sit back and relax with the locals, taking in the atmosphere of a true country-style pub.

Do we have you convinced yet? Econo Lodge Karratha and Comfort Inn & Suites Karratha make a great base to set up camp when you plan to visit!

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