7 Fun Facts You Need To Know About Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo is an inviting town that happens to share its name with the lake that it’s located at. The beautiful scenery welcomes visitors all year round. Here are 7 fun facts about the legendary lake.

1. Out of the three main lakes: Lake Pukaki, Lake Ohau and Lake Tekapo, the latter is the second largest of the three that run across the South Island.

2. The lake runs approximately 27km in length. The average depth is 69m.

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3. The water runs from the Southern Alps, which in turn, come straight from the large glaciers in the mountains. Particles from the glaciers run down towards the lake and fuse with the warmer waters, resulting in the turquoise appearance that is constantly present.

4. As of 2013 the population of Lake Tekapo sits at 369.

5. On average, Lake Tekapo gets 2180 hours of sunshine per year; 200 hours higher than the New Zealand average!

6. The famous dog statue on the edge of the lake was erected in 1968 and stands as a tribute to all working collie dogs of Mackenzie.

7. You can find the iconic Church of the Good Shepard on the lake’s shores, which was built in 1935.

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