Regional Victoria has been gifted with some of the country’s most amazing natural beauty just waiting to be discovered. Located just under 300km west of Melbourne CBD lies the Grampian region, home to three of the area’s finest waterfalls. We’ve been told don’t go chasing them, but when it comes to the colossal cascades surrounding Hamilton, you’ll be running at full speed to catch them.

1. Wannon Falls

Located just twenty minutes west of Hamilton, Wannon Falls boasts being one of the most peaceful waterfalls in the country. With a gentle stream flowing down into a tranquil water bed, the falls are surrounded by lush forests and an easy walking trail.

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2. Nigretta Falls

Hailed as a mini Niagara Falls, Nigretta Falls is a giant water force that asserts incredible power. Keen for a swim? Take a dip in the lake and splash around the shallow waters. If you set up a picnic in the area, you might run into some wild kangaroo who use the river as their source of water.

TIP: Head here after rain fall to see a truly magnificent display!

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3. McKenzie Falls

Located a leisurely one and a half hour drive from Hamilton, McKenzie Falls is the biggest waterfall in Victoria. Reaching heights of up to 35 metres, the waters flow rapidly and constantly, creating a spectacular scene to witness. The surrounding walking trails are steep and challenging, but oh so worth it once you reach the summit and gaze down upon the monstrous body of water below.

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These two accommodation options in Hamilton offer the perfect vantage point for exploring the magical waterfalls of the area.

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