7 Road trips ideas for the long Easter weekend

Wanting a mini family getaway and looking for Easter weekend ideas? Take the stress out of searching for the perfect time away with seven easy road trips you can conquer these Easter holidays. Go on, get out there and ready for packing! Don’t forget to book your stay at ChoiceHotels.com.

P.S. click on the sub-headings for more in-depth itineraries.

1. From Melbourne to Lakes Entrance

With 5 suggested pit stops, head well and truly out of the city and ensure you give your lungs some sweet country air…. no more ‘are we there yet’s or ‘Corners’ games that end in tears!

2. From Sydney to Melbourne

Sydney vs Melbourne? Porque no los dos? (and everything in between) You’ll get to explore Wollongong, Bateman’s Bay and Eden just to name a few beautiful locations. The perfect Easter Break.

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3. Round trip from Perth covering Albany, Esperance, Kalgoorlie

Because Western Australia is by far our largest state here in Australia, we’ve given it its own road trip. We’ve also allowed for 10 blissful days to really help you soak up the atmosphere.

4. From Sydney to Brisbane

Perfect for these Easter holidays, this road trip passes through some of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. An educational and iconic mini family getaway!

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5. The Great Ocean Road Trip

Although officially the Great Ocean Road starts in Geelong, Melbourne is the ideal start to the trip as it provides the contrast of a big city with the quiet of the small towns dotted along the Great Ocean Road.

6. Sydney South Coast Road Trips

Can you think of a more beautiful place to wake up to on Easter Sunday than the south coast of NSW? We can’t. This short break is calming and rejuvenating.

7. The Central Victoria Road

If you’re wanting a bitta country, bitta city, then here’s one for you. Head out of buzzing Melbourne and cruise out to the Murray River or Gippsland. So, aside from choosing which Easter Family Road Trip you’ll be taking, the only question left is…  Who’s on the tunes?! Better get packing!

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