Are you itching for a weekend away with your mates, a few beers and your trusty rod and reel? Well, you’re in luck. The Murray River comes in at third place in the longest navigable rivers in the world – beaten only by the Nile and Amazon. What does this mean? Plenty of good fishing that’s what! Stretching over 2500km, we’ve picked a few cracker spots to drop a line! Don’t forget to book your stay at

Here are some of the best places to go fishing on the Murray River:


Heywards Bridge near Albury/Wodonga is a prime spot for fresh water fishing and the go-to place for catching the biggest river dwelling trout in the area. Cast in from a whole host of secluded tree-lined spots and give yourself a chance to hook a Yellowbelly or the famous Murray cod! Need a complete guide to the region? Look no further! Stay at one of our hotels in the region.

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Swan Hill

If you’re after Murray cod, your best bet is to visit the Swan Hill region. Spend the whole day surrounded by serenity while you wait for these bad boys to bite! The banks of Pental Island provide an ideal location to wet your line, or if you’re really keen, Stoney Crossing is just a short drive away. The largest Murray cod ever caught was 1.8m and weighing 113 kg. Do you reckon you can beat that?

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After golden, silver or redfin perch? Get yourself down to Mildura ASAP! Even if you don’t get a nibble from these fellas, there’s plenty of carp that’ll give you a run for your money. Make sure you time your fishing trips during the Autumn/Winter months, from April to late August – yep, you’ve still got time! Why not stick around and try some of these Mildura Winter activities.


Before you head off on your fishing adventure, make sure you’ve some of these covered:

  • Appropriate clothing: rain jackets and layers for the colder weather, and sunscreen and hats for the sunnier days
  • First aid kit in case of nasty cuts from the fishing line or hook
  • Check local restrictions for recreational fishing in the Murray River as licences may be required

For those that are thinking of a solo fishing trip, check out the benefits of travelling alone.